Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Globe Telecom I Lost a Job Contract Because of You

This post was originally posted as a Facebook status last March 4, 2014. I lost a job contract in the middle of the night last Monday.

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Just so you know Globe Telecom, for that job contract I was using a time tracker which I was paid by hour. The time tracker is dependent with the internet connection. I always got booted out while using the time tracker. Your internet connection last week made me inefficient to the eyes of the client. He decided to give the task to another worker he just hired because he was chasing the deadline.

Several opportunities were lost. I lost my valuable client who pays well. He should be giving me more work to do this week until completed. There is a loss of income.

I've lost my confidence of applying several jobs since December 2013 because I have no internet connection and dial tone for two months until February 2014. 

What is so frustrating that my supposed earning for that job, I still need to pay you Globe Telecom for our PhP1299 monthly subscription. I even feared about the idea of losing a wonderful client if your service continues like this but fortunately, my nightmare came true.

You cannot bring back the time and the job opportunity that were lost because of your lousy service. It is heartbreaking for me that I've lost that 20 hours per week with great compensation. So Globe Telecom, are you even willing to compensate what I've lost?

One of your disappointed internet users,

Roxanne M. Tamayo

The landline bundled with internet connection subscription is under the name of my mother but I am paying for the internet usage.


  1. this is the main reason, i didnt apply for globe. service sucks... good thing i stick to smartbro. been with them for almost 4yrs

  2. I lost an online client... So basically jobless right now. Globe wimax here and globe mobile.

    I was hoping if ma FUP yung Wimax, may backup na mobile.

    As of January, my folly cost me my job :-(


  4. I feel sorry to what happened. This is one of the reasons why hiring a virtual assistant in the Philippines could be a risk. It is vital for virtual assistants to have stable and reliable connection to the www as this is where the job is done, hence it would not be called virtual. Hopefully, you'd be able to look for a better ISP and continue your work.

  5. Send it on there Twitter at @Talk2Globe

    1. As if they would listen. They are disorganized. Make a complaint to twitter and the 211 cust rep has no idea about it. And vice versa. In fact it will just create conflicting tickets.

  6. How many Filipinos lost their job because of Globe poor service



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