Saturday, June 30, 2012

Random Blogging #1 - Bored!

I miss blogging like this.  I remember I used to blog like this when I was a beginner of this blogging world.  I have nothing to blog about because there are no exciting moments happening to me right now or happened in the past few days.  I really don't mind if there are people reading to this post. Oh well, there is a picture of me below, BORED!

I am just doing my online job, the usual thing I do everyday, nothing new! I just received a payment from my client in New York, USA.  What I am just doing a while ago was that I am reading blogs, more on personal blogging perhaps like what they were doing in a day or so.  Actually, I love reading those kind of blogs, just reading a glimpse about their lives.

By the way, I just have this app for my Samsung Galaxy Y phone.  I was biking around Naga to sweat around.

Since this is my first post for Random Blogging, expect more random blogs to come.

What do you blog when you have nothing to blog about?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Paypal to Philippine Peso Exchange - Accepted Here

Do you have a Paypal account with funds but you cannot withdraw your money because it is not yet connected to your bank account? Or you need money immediately because you are tired of waiting 3 - 4 banking days?

I have done this before and I have lots of friends want to convert their US $ funds to Philippine Peso because they need the money. They just send their Paypal funds to my Paypal account and on the next day I will send it through ML Kwarta Padala.

Since it is US Dollars and the exchange rate falls down at PhP40 ++ (as of this writing), I will base it on US$1 = PhP40.00.  The ML Kwarta Padala will also be charged to you so you just need to send the principal amount you need plus the charges. I can send your money anywhere in the Philippines as long as you have ML Kwarta Padala branches near you.

As of June 26, 2012, this is the charge of ML Kwarta Padala with its principal amount.

ML Kwarta Padala charge with its principal amount

PhP100, all you need is to send PhP107 or US$2.68 to my Paypal account.

PhP1000, you need to send PhP1,055 or US$26.38 to my Paypal account.

US$ and charge rates may vary.

How to reach me?

You can leave a comment here on this blog post or best to contact me through my fan page on Facebook: Simple Yet Rock.  We can have our communication through Facebook, Gmail, Skype or YM.

Monday, June 25, 2012

4D MaxRider at SM City Cebu

I just had fun with my cousin Sara Jane and her friend Mirian today.  I was invited to go with them at SM City Cebu.  Good thing, I have a flexible time with my online job so I still have time to go around places. By the way, these girls are half-Filipino and half-Norwegian.

Sara Jane and Mirian

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Tip and Strategy on Using Your Credit Card

Last week of May, I received a mail from Banco De Oro.  I was happy to have my own SM Advantage Card but shocked to have my own BDO Shop More Mastercard. In short, a credit card.  Actually, I never applied for it although I really wanted to.  Its just happens that I have an account to this bank.

Image from BDO

Monday, June 18, 2012

Investing in the Stock Market with CitisecOnline

Last week, I was so busy preparing my requirements for CitisecOnline.  Actually I was already planning to open an account last year but I lacked one ID.  Good thing, I got my driver's license last January of this year but because I was so busy then, it is just this month I am now going to invest in the stock market with CitisecOnline.

screenshot of CitisecOnline website

Saturday, June 16, 2012

My Sun Sim is Dead :'(

I can't go back to sleep because I am so worried with my Sun sim.  I just found out earlier that there is no word SUN appeared on the screen of my dual sim phone.  I was alarmed to see it's dead.

GLOBE on SIM1, SUN should be on SIM2
As far as I could remember, I loaded my Globe and Sun sims last May 19 for P10 each (combo 10 for Sun) just to retain the sims' activation.  I religiously load it every month since I got a new phone with a postpaid line.  I got a list of dates: Jan 29, Feb 25, Mar 20, Apr 17 and the last was May 19.  I should load my sims before the month ends.  I seldom use this phone but I always have it wherever I go together with the other phone.  My last received call was on May 26 and I received several messages last June 13. How come it is dead after three days?

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Massage at Subtle Zen Spa Center

Last Friday, mom and I went to Subtle Zen Spa Center for a massage.  I bought two vouchers at Metrodeal which saved me 50% from the original price of the massage fee.  For 1 hour massage it costs P300.  So with two vouchers, I only spent P300 instead of P600.

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Pre-5th Anniversary at Maribago Bluewater Resort

Last June 3, 2012 Adam and I went back to Maribago Bluewater Resort to use the gift check, at last! The first time we went there was on this post. We realized that it was like an advance celebration of our anniversary since on the next day would be our 4 years and 10 months.  Two months to go and indeed it will be the 5th year.  Actually, my original plan was to use it on August since it is the month for the anniversary but the GC already expired on May but it was extended.

The entrance

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Dolly Kei Fashioniztas

First and foremost, I am not really into Dolly Kei fashion because it's Arcel and Jacqui who introduced me to this fashion. Dolly Kei fashion originates in Japan but clothes and some accessories can be found from your grandmother's old wardrobe or shall we say vintage.

Monday, June 04, 2012

Cebu Blog Camp Launch Party at the Center Suites

Last May 26, 2012, Cebu Blog Camp held a launch party at the Center Suites headed by the photoblogger, Evanjohnn Mendoza.  Since it was just a launch party, we will be expecting a year long series of mini blog camps and one Blog Camp Supreme throughout 2012.

Here we go!


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