Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Paypal to Philippine Peso Exchange - Accepted Here

Do you have a Paypal account with funds but you cannot withdraw your money because it is not yet connected to your bank account? Or you need money immediately because you are tired of waiting 3 - 4 banking days?

I have done this before and I have lots of friends want to convert their US $ funds to Philippine Peso because they need the money. They just send their Paypal funds to my Paypal account and on the next day I will send it through ML Kwarta Padala.

Since it is US Dollars and the exchange rate falls down at PhP40 ++ (as of this writing), I will base it on US$1 = PhP40.00.  The ML Kwarta Padala will also be charged to you so you just need to send the principal amount you need plus the charges. I can send your money anywhere in the Philippines as long as you have ML Kwarta Padala branches near you.

As of June 26, 2012, this is the charge of ML Kwarta Padala with its principal amount.

ML Kwarta Padala charge with its principal amount

PhP100, all you need is to send PhP107 or US$2.68 to my Paypal account.

PhP1000, you need to send PhP1,055 or US$26.38 to my Paypal account.

US$ and charge rates may vary.

How to reach me?

You can leave a comment here on this blog post or best to contact me through my fan page on Facebook: Simple Yet Rock.  We can have our communication through Facebook, Gmail, Skype or YM.

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