Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kawasan Falls in Cebu

The first time I got to Kawasan Falls when I was 4 years old together with my relatives. Too bad I was too young then I didn't enjoy much my first experience for I didn't know how to swim. After 14 years was my second time around there together with my relatives again. Even though I already knew how to swim but I was wearing a life jacket. The temperature of the water is freezing cold for I was afraid of having a foot cramp.

This is the view I took from my camera (Sorry it's not digital).

This is the grotto with my nephew.

Together with my cousins (from digicam of my cousin)

From Naga, we traveled for 3 hours (we did stop overs especially in Carcar for buying foods) to Badian. Before we arrived to the falls, we walked for 30 minutes (Am I right?) from the highway. The water is so clear even though you haven't arrived yet to the place, there's a feeling you want to jump to the river. We were at the second floor. Kawasan falls is so amazing.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Fine Dining in Casa Verde

As I was rummaging my drive D in my computer, I found lots of pictures on it and I was stuck with the mouth-watering photo (I am hungry again!). I remember the day when an ex-friend (Don't mind the ex) treat me for lunch.

Casa Verde is located in 69 Lim Tian Teng St. Cebu City, Cebu between F. Ramos and Jones Avenue. It was my first time there and I didn't know what food to order.

This is Brian's Baby Back Ribs. Can't you see the picture that I was so happy with a big smile on it? (Plese don't mind my tanned-skin for I had a great summer before I ate in Casa Verde ^_^) It was free and the baby back ribs was only mine (Hmmm... I am starving again). This is very big for I am a person with small appetite. I suggest that this baby back ribs suits for those couple who is planning for a date. I love the sauce and the meat is so tender feels like it's melting inside your mouth, no need to chew for a long minute.

I had no regrets for it was for free. I mean no regrets for those who really pay for it because the price is reasonable. Last year, it was Php 150.00, I don't know now. Maybe I'll be going back in Casa Verde when occasion calls for it with my own expense. Promise!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

It's my mom's birthday today and I just bought her a cake from Goldilocks. It is my first time to buy a cake and thank goodness of my job. Goldilocks is my personal choice for cakes. I love the texture of the icing and chiffon cake when it is already on my mouth. The sweetness of the icing is just enough for those who have tonsillitis like me, not too really sweet. The next birthday would be mine on November and it would be another first time to buy cake on my own birthday (hahahaha!). Wow! Christmas is also coming and another cake for the Christmas season. I'm excited.

Storm Ondoy Hits Manila

The weather was so cruel in the past few days and even yesterday. It was very windy with very light rain and later heavy rain poured then there was no electricity in some provinces of Cebu. When I turned on the tv, I was shocked by the news I've seen on ABS-CBN, floods all over the place especially in Pasig, Marikina and Rizal. Water was already chest-deep. The rest of Luzon areas are also affected. ABS-CBN are busy with their telethon calling and receiving calls from businessmen and ordinary people with their donations in helping the stranded people in the area.

For Filipinos who are outside of the country and want to help our fellow Filipinos, you can contact


or go to their website on how to give donations.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Globe's Immortal Text

I admire Globe's new promo which is the Immortal Text. For a cellphone user like me who has a tight budget, the promo suits me these days. I am a busy person right now and honestly, I was a text addict, text here, there and everywhere. But now with a busy schedule, I can't find time to text my friends, family and my boyfriend (hahaha!). If I register to unlimited texting, it would be a waste of money for I only seldom send messages nowadays.

With this new promo, I am happy about it for I don't have to worry the expiration of my load. The registration fee is also cheap. Php 10.00 for the registration and Php 1.00 for maintaining balance. I could use it for 2-3 days.

For globe users, you can check their site. Just click below:

Globe Immortal Text.

image from

Monday, September 21, 2009

Rewriting Articles

I remember the days when I was in high school that we had a project for our English subject. It was about we were going to read stories or poem like Romeo and Juliet, Iliad, The Count of Monte Cristo and etc. After that, as an assignment or a project, we were going to summarize the story with our own words. We all knew that these stories or poems are very, very long and we had to meet the deadline as soon as possible. We were also working our projects with other subjects so we had to double time.

With the use of technology, computer and internet, we, the students decided to go to internet cafes for searching the summary of the stories. Just for the sake of passing the project. To be safe, we rewrote the summary so as the teacher could not detect that our project came from the same source.

Who would have thought that I could use this as a job? Or should I say a part-time or sideline job. Rewriting article is the demand of the internet world at the moment. It could be on rewriting blogs or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and other purposes of rewriting. Online jobs refer this kind of work. If you have acquaintances or a friend, a former teacher, a previous co-employer who are now working on a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies, they can refer you to this kind of job (if you have the talent in writing). The main goal of this job is to avoid Plagiarism.

image from

Part-time Jobs for Students

For those who wants extra money while studying, you can try these jobs:

* working at a fast-food restaurant
* working as a computer attendant near to your school or at your home

actually there are lots of things you can do for extra money.

I tried working at a fast-food restaurant when I was 18. I worked because I want to buy a new cellphone and also I want to have working experiences as my preparation to the real world. Working and studying at the same is very difficult and challenging.

Working in fast-food restaurant attest your patience, either you stay longer or quit. There are lots of things to memorize and to understand. You are not only working but you are also studying the flow of the business. Because of the experience, you are confident enough to find for another job after the end of contract.

There is advantage in working while studying. We don't know that some of us will not continue their studies due to financial crisis. Just like me, I am already on my third year of college but I stopped. Now, I am working on a BPO company, full time and having a sideline job.

Any part-time jobs you have to share with your fellow students?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

My Banner

September 20, 2009
This is the banner of my Simple Yet Rock blog. I am beginning to love the color purple and I also love butterflies. My banner is just simple, as what the name of my blog says. I searched for the purple butterfly and I found it on Flicker. I am using Adobe Photoshop CS2 for this template. Maybe soon I am planning of making my own blog template. Just doing a little research about this. ^_^ I love the result.

Any comments about my banner? Feel free. ^_^

Updated: August 14, 2010

This is the new banner and I made this through Adobe Illustrator.  I hope you are going to like it.

Friday, September 18, 2009

A Lifeless New Born Baby

I am saddened by the news I've read in a local newspaper about a new-born baby floating on the river. The baby is already dead with umbilical cord still connected, a baby girl. Based on the investigation, it is said that there was a sign that the baby was freshly born from her mother's womb.

This news is very common and we can also see this on television, especially Abortion. My heart aches every time I hear and see this kind of news. This is worse than murder or can be associated to murder, to think killing an innocent child or a fetus. I am an advocate of anti-abortion.

There are many reasons why most ladies do abortion or throw new-born babies on the garbage or river but I only have two possible reasons. Number one is fear. Fear for their parents' reaction and the people around them.

Number two is not prepared. They are not ready for having a child because it is unplanned. It could be doing pre-marital sex without knowledge of sex education or possibly been raped.

But I admire the lady in my neighborhood who had been raped but bore the child. In this case, she was not ready for what happened but her parents and relatives supported her and the baby, the girl is now grown-up.

On the other hand, the pre-marital sex, a boyfriend and a girlfriend obviously doing this. It is their responsibility of doing such act. Fear and being unprepared sets in so the only solution they have is abortion which is not really a good idea. Please have pity on the upcoming child even though it is unplanned. All you have to do is to face the consequences. Be responsible of your own doings.

What can you say about abortion?

Simple Yet Rock

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I am here to post my interests and my points of view in life. How I observed things and what can I learn from it. Just live in a simple yet rock life. ^_^


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