Thursday, September 24, 2009

Globe's Immortal Text

I admire Globe's new promo which is the Immortal Text. For a cellphone user like me who has a tight budget, the promo suits me these days. I am a busy person right now and honestly, I was a text addict, text here, there and everywhere. But now with a busy schedule, I can't find time to text my friends, family and my boyfriend (hahaha!). If I register to unlimited texting, it would be a waste of money for I only seldom send messages nowadays.

With this new promo, I am happy about it for I don't have to worry the expiration of my load. The registration fee is also cheap. Php 10.00 for the registration and Php 1.00 for maintaining balance. I could use it for 2-3 days.

For globe users, you can check their site. Just click below:

Globe Immortal Text.

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  1. Globe is surprising us again, after the Duo, iphone 3Gs, Gcash Click and now Immortaltxt.however if you'd ask me among the mentioned promo i really like, its the iphone 3Gs because they offer it for as low as 399 monthly postpaid plan. i am planning to get the plan 899 para hindi masyado mabigat ang cash out, i'd like the 16 GB and bundle it with Duo para mura monthly...

  2. wow nice naman yan. maganda yang suggestion mo. ^_^

  3. The only downside of this is that this promo has already ended. Sayang, the only reason I switched to globe is because of this promo. Kelan kaya ito ibabalik?hmm.. kung hindi, I will be forced to switch back to smart. Hays



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