Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kawasan Falls in Cebu

The first time I got to Kawasan Falls when I was 4 years old together with my relatives. Too bad I was too young then I didn't enjoy much my first experience for I didn't know how to swim. After 14 years was my second time around there together with my relatives again. Even though I already knew how to swim but I was wearing a life jacket. The temperature of the water is freezing cold for I was afraid of having a foot cramp.

This is the view I took from my camera (Sorry it's not digital).

This is the grotto with my nephew.

Together with my cousins (from digicam of my cousin)

From Naga, we traveled for 3 hours (we did stop overs especially in Carcar for buying foods) to Badian. Before we arrived to the falls, we walked for 30 minutes (Am I right?) from the highway. The water is so clear even though you haven't arrived yet to the place, there's a feeling you want to jump to the river. We were at the second floor. Kawasan falls is so amazing.


  1. Wow, I wish to go there sometime :) before the year ends :)

  2. Oh, you really have to go there but make sure it's not a rainy day. You will not enjoy the beautiful sceneries if it's raining. Summer is the best time to go there but it's already October now. hehehehe!



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