Monday, April 25, 2011

Holy Week in Bantayan Island - Madridejos, Cebu

Hi guys! I just arrived last night from Bantayan Island. I spent my Holy Week in the island since it is a tradition for a family reunion of the TAMAYO Clan. I mentioned previously on my post that my relatives on my father's side are living there, see post here.

The Tamayo family owns the Karo of San Juan (cart or carriage of St. John the Baptist) and also one of the owners of the Karo of Santo Entierro (cart of the Holy Burial). The Karo of Santo Entierro is circulated by three families - Tamayo, Bacolod and Locaylocay. I think we need a family tree for this because personally, I am confused to trace my relatives on my father's side.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Staying at Hard Kock Kafe & Kiwi Kottages in Bantayan Island

Staying at Hard Kock Kafe & Kiwi Kottages is really great because it is very affordable.  If you are on a tight budget I recommend you to stay here.  You will be staying in a native style bamboo Nipa bungalow but hey, there's a sense of modernity.  The room is very spacious with a Queen size bed, with your own small refrigerator and toilet room.

TEL. # 438 9075
MOBILE # 0920 668 1268 & 0912 890 7896
e-mail: kiwikottages(at)gmail(dot)com

If you leave your cottage, you can stay at the bar and restaurant.  You can sit there and enjoy your meals and drinks while watching on a big screen.  The restaurant is a WiFi area so you can enjoy surfing the net with your laptop or netbook.  If you are in an aircon room, you have your own TV and DVD player for you to watch a movie which you can have a nice selection at the bar.

The room we have stayed

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Strolling in Kota Beach and Budyong Beach Resort

Too much beach in the title eh? Hehe! Since Kota and Budyong are just physically next to each other so I'll just put them in one post.

When I was young, I've been to different beaches in Sta. Fe either resorts or just ordinary beaches.  Even though those beaches are just ordinary, they are totally amazing.  I have relatives in Sta. Fe and Madridejos but still I have to explore the island.  Looking for a place to stay? Click here.

My boyfriend and I had a stroll at the beach.  We had our swimming and taking snapshots.  I think I need a light box image viewer for this post since I'll be posting a lot of pictures here.  By the way, we passed Kota first, then took pictures at Budyong, had a swim and  transferred back to Kota.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Staying at Seaview Apartelle in Bantayan Island

I stayed at Seaview Apartelle sometime in summer. It is located near the market of Santa Fe and the church.  The rooms of Seaview Apartelle are well furnished and modernized.  It is like a hotel in the island. This apartelle is a great place to stay.

6047 CEBU
TEL. # (032) 4389179
CEL. # 09198615979

The room rate starts at P950.  All rooms have air conditioner. I have this breakdown since they gave me a piece of paper with the information about Seaview Apartelle.

the toilet room

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - Things to Use Again

If you have read my post few days ago - Back to being Minimalist, you have seen of my things that I've been using the Three R's to help the environment.  When I was young, I really don't throw all my papers and boxes because I know I could still use them.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Back to being Minimalist

Yesterday, I cleaned my room and rearranged the messy things on my table and on my bed.  Even though my day off is back to Sunday because of Adam, I really want to make it a habit on cleaning my room once a week during Monday.

I was a minimalist then but I don't know what happened.  I bought lots of things then my room got overcrowded especially on my working table.  I decided to rearrange my mini-office so that I could have more space on my table.

Minimal things on my table


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