Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Strolling in Kota Beach and Budyong Beach Resort

Too much beach in the title eh? Hehe! Since Kota and Budyong are just physically next to each other so I'll just put them in one post.

When I was young, I've been to different beaches in Sta. Fe either resorts or just ordinary beaches.  Even though those beaches are just ordinary, they are totally amazing.  I have relatives in Sta. Fe and Madridejos but still I have to explore the island.  Looking for a place to stay? Click here.

My boyfriend and I had a stroll at the beach.  We had our swimming and taking snapshots.  I think I need a light box image viewer for this post since I'll be posting a lot of pictures here.  By the way, we passed Kota first, then took pictures at Budyong, had a swim and  transferred back to Kota.

You can contact Kota Beach Resort at this number 032-438-9042.  Room rates start at Php770.

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Click image for better view

See more photos on Fotografi Rox - Photos in Kota Beach and Budyong Beach Resort.

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