Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Back to being Minimalist

Yesterday, I cleaned my room and rearranged the messy things on my table and on my bed.  Even though my day off is back to Sunday because of Adam, I really want to make it a habit on cleaning my room once a week during Monday.

I was a minimalist then but I don't know what happened.  I bought lots of things then my room got overcrowded especially on my working table.  I decided to rearrange my mini-office so that I could have more space on my table.

Minimal things on my table

You could see that I made use of the ugly wall which I put little and colorful things into it.  Before, it was my table that was very colorful and a very dry background if you have seen my post before.  Now, the entire corner, where my mini-office is located, is not really boring at all.  Thanks to these little things, I love collecting them.

Colorful, eh?

On the wall, I put my pictures of myself, my family and with my boyfriend.
Here is my bed, stuff toys sponsored by Adam. Haha!
Mini-office in my bedroom
Shoe boxes and boxes from gadgets I bought on the right side.  Sorry for the broken window glass.
How do you arrange your bedroom? I love to take a little peek in your bedroom. :)



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