Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mini-Office In My Bedroom

At last my Olympus camera is now back.  Yesterday I went to SM to claim it and it's now back for good.  Promise, I will take care of it.

Anyway, I just want to show you my mini-office in my bedroom.  It's not really that elegant compared to what I've seen to many websites with their wonderful mini-office.  For now, this is what I can afford.  I have the plan to invest a working table in the future.  I need to save first.  I only have 4 photos.

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Update: February 5, 2011

Yesterday mom and I went to the city to purchase a working table and TV rack divider.  Yes, I already planned to upgrade my mini-office in my bedroom.  I just waited for my salary to come.  I purchased the working table at Gaisano South for only PhP2,495.  For me, this is a better price because before Gaisano South we were from different stores but the prices were higher.

Here are the pictures for my new improved mini-office in my bedroom.

Do you love my new working table?
The spaces under the table are supposed to be for the system unit and the computer voltage regulator.  Since I am using a net book, there is no need.  I make use of the spaces for other things.

Under the table

My next project is to buy another LCD monitor for the purpose of a dual monitor set-up, another investment of mine. ^_____^


  1. Nice one roxie. Keep it up. Soon I will go freelancing... :)

  2. Hi Rose Anne! Thanks for dropping in my blog. Maayo, daghan na ta freelance workers. Dali raka makakakita oi ke gikan baya kag Singapore, wala ra jud ko sa imong kumingking, to the highest level imong mga skills. hehehe!



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