Saturday, May 28, 2011

I'm Inviting You to Use PicLyf

After from Cebu Blog Camp 2011, I immediately went home.  I was riding a taxi from Sacred Heart Center with Gagay and dropped me to South Bus Terminal, then riding home to Naga.  The Ceres bus left exactly at 7PM and I arrived home at 7:58PM.  I prepared myself for a job interview through Odesk at 8:30PM.  In the middle of the interview, I lost my internet connection.  I am really pissed right now but good thing I immediately grabbed my USB dongle internet, an alternative way to connect and called the employer again.  Good thing that he is very understanding.

Now, I just remember that I have lots of pictures online and in my portable hard disk.  I am interested to post my pictures on PicLyf.  I think few people knew about this especially to some of my Facebook friends.  I am inviting you to join PicLyf.  Great thing about this is you can cross-post it to your Blogger blog, Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites.  Hope to use it soon. ^_^

Friday, May 27, 2011

I'm Starting a Home-Based Business

So finally, I just re-arranged the little space in our living room where the desktop computer is located and decided to have a little business of my own.  I've been so busy with Fotografi Rox on purchasing the domain, updating the website, and buying equipments needed for the business like printers, papers, paper cutter, camera tripod and other things I still haven't mentioned.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Summer is Ending But Haven't Wear my Swimwears

It's been a while I haven't blog about myself.  I am so busy updating my business website.  It's sad to know that the page rank of this blog dropped down to zero.  Ouch it hurts really! Since this is a personal blog, I haven't blogged about important things.

I was in Bantayan Island last Holy Week but never took a deep swim.  It was very unfortunate that it was a red week.  Well, you know what I mean, it's a girl issue.  I even brought two swim wears.  I am not comfortable swimming in the water.  Enough of this. :)

May 21, 2011 was supposed to be the end of the world.  I hate to believe it and those people spreading it.  They are not God, who are they to predict? Of course, all I did was to pray that nothing would happen any calamities for the day.  I am not ready to die and I want to see my offspring in the future.

Even though Chedeng is now hitting some parts of the country, I still pray for a good weather condition.  Actually it's very hot in my room though electric fan is on.  It's very cool to take some deep on a swimming pool.

That's it for today, no picture, but I have a wounded toe-nail. Ugh!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Cebu Blog Camp 2011

This was my first post when I joined the first Cebu Blog Camp last year, click here.  Cebu Blog Camp will be having another blogging event on  May 28, 2011 to be held at Sacred Heart Center, Cebu City.

The Cebu blog Camp is an event organized annually by the Cebu Bloggers of the Blog and Soul Movement which is the educating leg of the Philippine Blog Awards Inc. which has been running for already four years.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

GoDaddy and Blogger: Custom Domain Name Not Working Without WWW

I had this issue few nights ago about the domain name of my photo blog, Fotografi Rox.  I registered my domain name few days ago via  I was really worried because if I just type, it landed on a page of  If I type, of course, it's on my photo blog.  Most people do not type the "www" at all.

I am not really that technical about domain names because it's my first time to purchase.  I don't want to lose my audience or readers because of a broken domain.  I want to fix to redirect  Here's what I did.

1. Go to and log on your username and password.
2. Click 'My Account', on the left side you will find 'My Products'. Under Domains you'll find 'Domain Manager', click it.
3. Click the domain name you want to fix (mine is
4. Click the icon arrow 'forward' or 'manage domain forwarding'.
5. Click 'forward domain'.
6. A box will pop-up that says: " is forwarded to:" the first box is set to "http://", the second box, you can type ''.  In this case, '' will be forwarded to ''.  Click OK for confirmation and you have to wait for few hours.

You will receive a notification from about the status of some changes you have made.

I am happy that it is already successful, will never land to a page.

Is this post informative? Do post your comments below.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Walk at Kota Park in Madridejos, Cebu

Sorry for the late post but this is the continuation of our summer getaway in Bantayan Island.  This time I will feature Kota Park in Madridejos, Cebu.

Kota Park is a walking distance from the relatives' houses.  My boyfriend and I went their almost nine in the morning.  That day was really hot.  Actually, we went there the night before with my cousins.  We just went back to take photos of the place.

The historical background of Kota Park

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Simple Tips: Getting a Job on

As of this writing, I am already one and a half year member of the oDesk team and still counting. Congratulations to me!

The Reason Why I'm Writing This
A lot of people are referring to me and asked about on how did I get the job, so on and so forth.  There are questions that are easy to be answered by me with my own experience and some, honestly I am pissed off because there questions can be found on the Help Link and not everything will be answered by me.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Header-Banner for Fotografi Rox

I made this header/banner yesterday for Fotografi Rox.  Of course, I retained the official logo and just added the pictures I already have taken with a camera film on the background.  I know it's a digital camera but it is really great to see photos (somewhat like) streaming on a film.

click image to view the website
By the way, this photo blog is also a business website for me since I'll be launching a small business at home soon.  Right now, I am slowly setting up and bought things as investment.  You can check out the Products and Services that I can offer to my customers.  It is still under construction and needs to be updated.

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Fotografi Rox Has Its Own Domain Name

I was so busy few days ago that I haven't updated a blog post.  I am happy to announce that my photography blog - Fotografi Rox has its own domain name,  I purchased it last night at and honestly I am so new about it.  I even had some trouble on editing stuffs at CPanel.  Yes, this is so technical and I was really afraid.  I don't want my purchase to get to waste.  I've bought my domain for $12.17 good for a year.

Monday, May 02, 2011

World Blogger's Day - A Successful Event

This is the second year celebration of World Blogger's Day but my first time to join the event.  I invited some of my friends for this blogging event to gain more knowledge about blogging.  It's nice to see again bloggers offline and meeting new friends.

The speakers were Mr. Wilson Ng of Ng Khai Development Corp., Mr. Sam Jacoba of Yahoo! Philippines, Mr. Marlon D. Guzman of and Mr. Kevin Ray Chua of and new elected President of Cebu Blogger's Society.


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