Tuesday, May 17, 2011

GoDaddy and Blogger: Custom Domain Name Not Working Without WWW

I had this issue few nights ago about the domain name of my photo blog, Fotografi Rox.  I registered my domain name few days ago via godaddy.com.  I was really worried because if I just type fotografirox.com, it landed on a page of godaddy.com.  If I type www.fotografirox.com, of course, it's on my photo blog.  Most people do not type the "www" at all.

I am not really that technical about domain names because it's my first time to purchase.  I don't want to lose my audience or readers because of a broken domain.  I want to fix fotografirox.com to redirect www.fotografirox.com.  Here's what I did.

1. Go to godaddy.com and log on your username and password.
2. Click 'My Account', on the left side you will find 'My Products'. Under Domains you'll find 'Domain Manager', click it.
3. Click the domain name you want to fix (mine is fotografirox.com).
4. Click the icon arrow 'forward' or 'manage domain forwarding'.
5. Click 'forward domain'.
6. A box will pop-up that says: "whateveryourdomainnameis.com is forwarded to:" the first box is set to "http://", the second box, you can type 'www.whateveryourdomainnameis.com'.  In this case, 'fotografirox.com' will be forwarded to 'www.fotografirox.com'.  Click OK for confirmation and you have to wait for few hours.

You will receive a notification from godaddy.com about the status of some changes you have made.

I am happy that it is already successful,  fotografirox.com will never land to a godaddy.com page.

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