Saturday, May 07, 2011

Fotografi Rox Has Its Own Domain Name

I was so busy few days ago that I haven't updated a blog post.  I am happy to announce that my photography blog - Fotografi Rox has its own domain name,  I purchased it last night at and honestly I am so new about it.  I even had some trouble on editing stuffs at CPanel.  Yes, this is so technical and I was really afraid.  I don't want my purchase to get to waste.  I've bought my domain for $12.17 good for a year.

I even asked help from friends who already have their own website.  Actually I asked two to three people about this.  The last person I asked for help, fortunately, was awake in the middle of the night.  I could not sleep until my website can't be fixed.  Actually I had mistakes that is why I had trouble seeing my photo blog. I slept at 3 AM.

Bought a domain name for your photo blog and not on your personal blog?

Simple Yet Rock is already more than two years old but I haven't bought my own domain.  I don't know why but I just chose to stay it this way.  Right now it's already at PR 3.  I don't even know what would be the domain name if I want to purchase.  There are lots of Roxanne Tamayo in the world but anyway, if I search my name on Google, I am already at the first page but not on the number one spot (may be I am).  I have thought that I could not earn money on blogging so it would be a waste of money if I purchase a domain name without gaining money.  This is just a personal blog and I just write whatever I have in mind.  But hey, I earned few dollars because of this personal blog.  Still I have no plan to purchase my own domain name because it took me two years to be on Page Rank 3.

Opinions of a Young Lass is already a year old next to Simple Yet Rock.  This is a place where I can blog about my rants on certain topics about politics, showbiz or entertainment, and economy - anything and everything under the sun.  I also earned few dollars here.

Fotografi Rox is just two months old.  Within those months it has a page rank of 0, not bad compared to n/a or not applicable.  The reason I purchased its own domain name - a business.  Buying a domain name is an investment for a business I am planning right now.  That is why I was so busy few days ago for I was buying equipments for my photography business.  I am not a professional photographer since I am just using a digital camera.  I have no money to buy a DSLR camera of my own.  When I was a kid it is one of my dreams to be a photographer.  Well, just judge my photography blog if I have the keen of being a photographer with the use of a simple digital camera.

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