Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Restaurant City

This is the only Facebook app I played now every time I am log on to Facebook. At first, I left this app for how many months because I was bored on it. I forgot when was the last time I played back. I think it was last year almost December. Now I am already level 25. After I let my employees eat, I just have to save and close the app.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Vomited After Work

There was another incident happened to me this afternoon. This time, I vomited after work. I just had an incident two Saturdays ago, the Nosebleed After Work. I was just alright at work then. I was already excited to go home because it is already weekend, this is what happened to me.

Last night, I slept early at 8:00pm. I just worked one hour for my part-time job and after that, goodnight, and woke up at 3:30am for the full-time job. I was really alright at work. Before going out, I drank a lot of water. In a BPO environment, the temperature is always cold for the sake of the computers. Of course, I went outside very hot, the shifting of temperatures that made my body shocked.

I was already at the jeep going to Colon and I started feeling of going to vomit. There at UP Cebu, I disgorged the food from my stomach. The food that I ate during lunch break and vomited again. The third time was on Escario Street. I arrived at Colon and went to Jollibee Colon beside Metro. At the cubicle, I vomited a lot and my stomach was churning with pain. I already cried because I lost my energy.

I waited for another jeepney going to Bulacao. I was already inside but went out again because I had to vomit because of the smokes and the odor. It was very shameful people seeing me vomiting outside Gaisano South. I sent an sms to my mom and told me to buy white flower ointment in the pharmacy. Thank goodness that there is Rose Pharmacy at Gaisano South and I was the only customer at that time.

I already asked the pharmacist to let me use the white flower even though I haven't got my change yet. She really saw me that was really weak and asked me where I came from. I just answered IT Park and she concluded that it is the usual incident that happened to a person who is working in a call center. Her conclusion is half-right but I am not a call center agent.

I went outside of the mall and took a seat at the stairs while the ointment at hand. I rested for a while and was thinking what would be the next plan. I was afraid of vomiting again inside the jeep so I ended waving a taxi for going home to Naga.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cebu Bonsai Society at SM City Cebu

As we roamed around SM City Cebu with my new digital camera

last March 14, we saw an exhibit from Cebu Bonsai Society. Ever since I was young, I am really interested to these kind of plants and really interested to Japanese stuffs. I am planning for the future to build a house in Japanese style with bonsai surrounded on it. Hahaha! As if I have a green thumb.

As I went near to the plants, there are lots of bonsai named Bantigue. I realized that the resort we went through this early March is called Bantigue Cove Beach Resort

. I wonder if I ever saw a bantigue there but I guess it wouldn't have been named if there wasn't any. It was just that I just didn't know why the resort is named Bantigue.

If you want to know the name of the bonsai that I captured, just click the photo and zoom it so that you can read the name of each bonsai.

Bonsai came from Japan which is the art of growing trees in small containers.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bantigue Cove Resort in Malapascua Island (3rd day)

Sorry for the late post about the Malapascua Island escapade for I was so busy the past few weeks. As promised, here is the third day in our vacation.

Welcome to Bantigue Cove Resort

In going to the resort, this is where we passed through. You can even take a swim here.

Bantigue Cove Resort is spectacular for diving and snorkeling. The resort is so private unlike any other resort in the island. It is very peaceful and honeymooners are welcome to this resort.

I took some beautiful scenery in the island. The resort is so amazing with its blue sky and sea, green earth and a very white and wide sand.

The huge stone behind me facing to the sea was carved as Bantigue Cove Resort.

Looks like a post card, right? I took this shot with my cousin as the model. I just love the wide blue sea and the sky, the wooden seat and the dead tree, is it really dead?

I hope I could get back to this resort when I am getting married. Hehehe!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I Heart Cebu Shirt at Island Souvenirs

We had another purchase at SM City Cebu, the I Heart Cebu Shirt. I never would have known about this shirt if not with co-blogger, Ley. I just love the customization of the shirt.

After I bought my digital camera, we passed through Island Souvenirs and I got excited when I saw the shirt.

For women shirt, it cost Php229.75 and for men, it cost Php299.75.

Monday, March 15, 2010

My Pink Olympus FE-26 Digital Camera

I am so thankful that my sponsor gave me money to buy a digital camera. Yesterday, I went to SM City Cebu and purchased a Pink Olympus FE-26 digital camera. Five days before I bought the item, I was roaming around SM, went to Cyberzone and looked for the cheapest but good quality camera. My aunt already had an Olympus camera and I like the quality of the images. There at Micro Accent, I found stocks of camera displayed on their window and I got the brochure for me to see. The cheapest camera they have is worth Php6,995 which is the Olympus FE-26. I went home and I let my aunt take a look with the brochure. I already saved Php3,000 and I just need additional Php4,000. The day she went back to Norway, she left the money to my mom.

Yesterday, I withdrew Php3,000 from my atm and was really excited to buy the camera. We arrived at Micro Accent together with my partner and asked for the Olympus FE-26. The camera has four colors: pink, blue, black and silver but unfortunately, black is no more available, which should be my first choice. That's why I chose pink.

I was even happier that I saved Php2,000 because the Olympus FE-26 is on sale, from Php6,9995 now Php4,995. I just added Php1,000 for it. What a big smile on my face??? The sales staff said that they are having a graduation sale. Wow! Perfect timing for me!

Olympus FE-26 has 12 megapixel, 3x optical zoom, intelligent auto, face detection, beauty mode, dual image stabilization and magic filters.

my shot inside the fitting room! hehehe!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Nosebleed Afer Work

El NiƱo and Summer, the most common thing will happen is Nosebleed.

Yesterday, I was so excited to go home from work for it is already weekend. I already lacked of sleep for the past few days and I sometimes having this drowsiness during working hours. I am also having trouble with my sinusitis and I always have tissue beside me.

I am working in a company with a very cold environment due to a fact that computers should be on lower temperature. When I got off to work, the earth is so hot at 2pm and the air was so dry. I was already inside the jeep. I was trying to pick out my nose and it happened that my nasal membranes were dry out. It didn't hurt me but I was shocked when I was bleeding on my nose.

As far as I remember, it was my first time for having nosebleed and I was almost having a panic how to stop it. I hurriedly get my tissue for I was afraid that my blood would be dripping on my shirt or my bag. I didn't even care if the passengers were looking at me while I was helping myself holding or pinching the soft part of my nose with my head tilted forward for at least five minutes.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Monday, March 08, 2010

I Fell Inlove with Kalanggaman Island (2nd day)

As promised, here is my second post about my Malapascua trip. My aunt promised us to have island hopping. We woke up early in the morning, it was 7am and we fixed ourselves for the tour. We have our tour guide who is a friend of my other aunt. I really didn't know where Kalanggaman Island is located. I just thought that it is just a nearby island with 30 minutes travel. On the boat, my butt really got ache for sitting 3 hours. I never thought that it is located in Palompon, Leyte. I was really bored on the boat and just fell asleep.

We arrived at the island almost noon. Our tour guide cooked the food for us and we had a very nice lunch on the boat. What's exciting when we arrived there is that we were the only people in the island and it feels like we owned it. Because it was noon, maybe the personnel of the island went back to the mainland to have their lunch so we never made our payment for our stay.

Getting ready the camera before arriving on the island.

Kalanggaman Island is a public and small island owned by Palompon, Leyte. I was amazed by the wide sand each side of the island.

This island is so virgin. This is totally paradise. I love the natural environment of the island.

Are these pineapples hanging on the tree? Could somebody tell me?

A proof that the government of Leyte preserved the island.

Nice view, isn't it?


I really enjoy snorkeling...

While snorkeling, I saw fishes, bangus or milk fish, in that shallow water where I was swimming. The boat men only caught the fishes on that shallow water and they were busy cooking tinowa or tinola for our lunch. The island is very abundant with fishes. It is truly beautiful.

It was my first time on that peaceful little island. It was very long trip from Malapascua Island. It is a non-commercialized island and not very famous unlike Boracay. I prefer Kalanggaman island to have its natural environment. I really appreciate its natural beauty and I fell in love with it. I wish I could go back there.

Update: 1/22/11

Good thing my aunt called this morning and I've got the chance to ask her about the cost of the boat trip.  It's Php2,000 back and forth.  Have a nice trip to Kalanggaman Island. ^_^

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Chile Earthquake Affects another Countries

On February 28, it was our trip going to Malapascua island. I updated my Facebook through mobile web with my status (click image above). My friends commented on my status about the earthquake in Chile and possible of having tsunamis any time of the day. I was thankful that we arrived safely in the resort. We opened the tv and we heard that tsunami was already in some parts of the Philippines which we were facing in the Pacific Ocean. This includes Leyte. It was said that tsunamis will hit at 3:00pm.

The time and arrived and we were thankful that Malapascua island
was not affected by tsunamis. We were so scared at that time. We were thankful again that we had very nice days in Malapascua.

Friday, March 05, 2010

Cocobana Beach Resort in Malapascua Island

My aunt from Norway arrived two weeks ago and planned to have a vacation in Malapascua Island with my mother, my other aunts and my cousins. This is an EXPENSIVE TRIP BUT TOTALLY FREE. We arrived on February 28 at noon and left on March 2 also at noon. Good thing I filed for vacation leave ahead of time and really enjoyed the trip. So as not to miss my Facebook, my status was always updated through mobile web. We stayed at Cocobana Beach Resort.

On the first day, February 28, these were the things we've done: (Click the photos for larger views)

This is our photo taken in the boat

This is the Super-Deluxe-Aircon-Room with sea view. We occupied the two rooms below, five persons each room.

The "sariling-sikap" show

My mother and my aunt are watching Cartoon Network! Hahaha!

Good thing mama brought this chicken-macaroni salad. We never expected that we have our own refrigerator in our room.

Walking by the beach in the afternoon with my aunts

Sunset at Malapascua

This is the night life

The chocolate shake and the lamp. Would you believe that this chocolate shake worth Php130.00 or almost $3???

I told you a while ago that the trip was very expensive. Most of the tourists are foreigners and most of the resorts are just neighbors. The internet rental is worth Php150.00 or $3. Most resorts are owned by foreigners that's why most expenses are worth dollars. Because this is a three-day trip, please wait for my another post on the second day at Kalanggaman Island in Palompon, Leyte. I still have more photos about the trip. ^_^

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Malapascua Island

Life is a Beach!

Check out my next post about our vacation in Malapascua Island and more pics. ^_^

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Adventures of Naruto

With my twenty-something age, I am still fond of watching anime especially with the anime hit series Naruto. I've known a lot of people who are fans of the anime, my nephews and nieces, my boyfriend, my friends and co-workmates and so on.

My boyfriend and I are so addicted playing it on their playstation. Being an artist by heart (*ahem), we also draw, paint and print Naruto shirts and bookmarks for business. This is an ongoing Japanese manga series so my partner and I are also updated with the story. He is also collecting videos of Naruto.

I can't miss any Naruto episodes for it is very adventurous. Watching anime makes me feel a kid again. :)


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