Thursday, October 31, 2013

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - My First Ever International Trip

After my four days trip in Siquijor-Dumaguete-Manila last June 2013, my friends and I were foolishly thinking about an international trip discussed on Facebook. We were so noisy as if we had the money already. I have my own passport but I had no intention of going out of the country too soon.

at the Kuala Lumpur City Gallery
We were talking about Malaysia - Truly Asia as if we were so sure about it. But it was just an idea until Tata told me about a certain deal on Metrodeal which I found very affordable. I went to Cebu Pacific site and they had a 99 or 199 base fare promo and calculated the possible fee for the trip.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

YOLO Cebu - October Fest

Come and join the fun this October 26, 2013 for the Biggest Beer Festival in the city at the Sugbo Open Field, SRP. 

"We dub the event as : Y.O.L.O. [ You Only Live Once ]. Named that way for people to make a realization that they only got one life to live, there will never be another after.What better way to do that than to celebrate and have fun."

For tickets, just check their Facebook page at YOLO Cebu with their contact numbers at (032) 239 - 6227 / (0917) 300 - 2338.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

7.2 Magnitude Earthquake in the Visayas

The earthquake happened on a Tuesday morning at 8. I was asleep when my father shouted to get out of the house then things went on shaking. The feeling was unbelievable like you were in a movie. The shaking lasted for less than a minute but it was the longest I felt. I was with my mom and dad in between of the two houses. Last year we had two earthquakes on February and August. You can see the blog post here.

I went outside of the gate when the shaking stopped.

I immediately grabbed my bags and gadgets in case we need to evacuate. I hurriedly charged my gadgets especially my cellphones.

We felt several aftershocks until now. It was an uncomfortable sleep on the first night the earthquake happened but I made sure to eat on time. Several churches in Cebu and Bohol were destructed including Basilica del Sto. Nino de Cebu and Baclayon Church in Bohol.

Yesterday, mom went to Basilica del Sto. Nino with my brother so I was left at home alone. I decided to play Xbox Kinect in order not to be bothered with the aftershock.

Here's the video which you can view it without a Facebook account. ---> click here.

The image above was a photo of me while playing the xbox. Indeed, it was effective because I was moving and I worried less. I have read friends' FB status about the aftershock while I was playing. If I wasn't playing, then I would be crazy alone at home.

The aftershock will last in a week. 

Friday, October 11, 2013

My First Flight with AirAsia Zest

Just a perfect timing to blog after my trip in Manila just few days ago, I'll be happy to blog my first flight experience with AirAsia Zest.

Last August 28, 2013, I booked a flight with Zest Air with a round trip ticket Cebu-Manila-Cebu with my friends. I was able to book a flight for a very affordable price. On September 20, 2013, it was announced that Zest Air is now flying with AirAsia with their new brand name AirAsia Zest.

It was a recent trip from October 4 to 8, 2013. The estimated time departure from Cebu was at 6:00 AM and estimated time arrival to AirAsia Zest, NAIA Terminal 4 was at 7:20 AM. Fortunately, we arrived earlier and safe. So we had a lot of time roaming around Intramuros and Star City on our first day.

Selfie from Mactan Cebu Int'l Airport with Zest Air going to Manila

Intramuros with Friends
Snow World with Friends

Selfie from NAIA Terminal 4 with AirAsia going back to Cebu

Every Filipino is now given the “Right Way to Fly” as these two will now travel together as AirAsia Zest!

What's your destination wish list?

Enough with my Manila trip, it's time to discuss my destination wish list. AirAsia Zest may now take you to your destination at affordable prices (AirAsia Zest dares you to compare prices!). Now that AirAsia Zest flies from Manila, here are my top 5 AirAsia Zest destinations.

My Top 5 AirAsia Zest destinations

1. Kalibo (Boracay)

Image source:
I've never been to Boracay and I always have a hard time booking a flight going there because it is the destination always filled by most travelers all the year-round. I am a beach bum and I really don't worry a lot if I have a super tanned-skin. It is my wish to explore Boracay.

2. Puerto Princesa

Image source:
I am very fond of exploring beaches, caves, rivers or any nice place I can take a good swim so I am really interested to visit one of the Seven Wonders of Nature just in the Philippines, the Puerto Princesa Underground River. I am really excited to travel in the Philippines, the reason I created a travel blog.

3. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Image source:

Me at the Petronas Towers
Selfie at Petronas Towers

Me at Batu Caves
Practicing night photography at Petronas Towers
Night shot at Petronas Towers
This is my first ever out-of-the-country trip that happened last September 21 to 25, 2013. Yes, I fell in love with Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and I told myself to come back to this country in the near future. While I was at the Petronas Towers, it was like I was in a fairy tale. That feeling when you're in love even though you're not in a relationship.

4. Incheon, South Korea

Image source:
As one of the people who watch Korean series dubbed in Filipino, I'm getting fascinated of going to Incheon. If ever I'll get the chance to travel to Incheon for free, I would really love to go. Who wouldn't love to see the cherry blossoms? Although I don't understand their language, I love listening to K-Pop songs. I find the people cute and colorful because of their taste with fashion.

5. Shanghai, China

Image source:
No doubt that the Chinese culture had influenced our country especially with the food we eat here in the Philippines. I have visited China Town in Kuala Lumpur and Taoist Temple in Cebu. It makes me think to visit real places in China. Shanghai is also known for its world-class shopping with inexpensive products so this is a good place to shop until I drop for pasalubong.

AirAsia Zest, The Right Way to Fly - here it is revealing the new logo:

The moment I got my passport earlier this year, my target is to travel in Asia with AirAsia, of course. I am amazed that AirAsia Zest can take me to my destination at a very affordable price. Indeed, I was able to compare the prices from other airline companies. 

My first flight with AirAsia Zest was pretty cool because of the very smooth landing. The red uniforms for the female flight attendants look great on them, they look so sophisticated. I have no regrets of flying with AirAsia Zest.


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