Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Adamriv's Birthday 2010

This is him and this is me
I called him this morning and greeted a happy birthday.  We went to Sto. NiƱo Church and lit some candles.  We thanked God for the blessings we received and for having a stable relationship with each other.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Mom's Birthday 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!

Her birthday is very simple. She just bought a Goldilocks cake and my gift for her are these by request.  By the way, the powder refills are mine.

I think I am just speechless right now for I am so busy with my projects. T_T

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Unexpected Trip To Dumanjug

This is a very, very late post that happened on  March 29, 2010. The reason I post it right now because I was afraid to post this by the time I was not officially resigned from my previous job although here is the reason why I quit my job.  Here is also the post last March 27 which is related to what happened on this post entitled Vomited After Work. Why this trip is unexpected? Just continue reading this post and you will know.
When I saw this view, I hurriedly took this picture.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Google Adwords Free Advertising Voucher before September 30, 2010

This afternoon, my sister woke me up for I have received a letter from Google. I wonder what it was because it says on the envelope "Hurry! Open before September 30, 2010."

I opened and read the letter and I got free advertising voucher from Google. They invited me to be one of their advertisers worth Php1,500.00.

There are 3 reasons to advertise your business on Google:

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What Can I Say?

Yesterday, I did some groceries in Minglanilla, Cebu at La Nueva after I deposit my money from the earnings I have with my online job. I made sure to remain a personal money worth Php500.00 in case I need something to buy. I went to the grocery and bought foods and some other personal and for cleaning stuffs. After that I went to the cashier and was shocked that I would pay Php475.00. I never thought that those stuffs put in just one bag is worth almost Php500.00. I never have time taking photo shots with my grocery. This month of September is really picture less.

The dollar versus peso rate, I was really worried that from Php45.00 it slowly dropped to 44, then 43 and now 42. What will happen next week? Would it be 40 or 39? I really ranted through Facebook about the dropping of the dollar versus peso but the prices in the markets and fare are still high. One example was my small grocery bag worth Php500.00. Php500.00 is already a big money but I never thought that I could buy something that has less quantities that I imagined.

They say it is a sign of progress for our country. Of course, I am hoping for it but I am just worried about my Php500.00 that I can only buy few quantities for a certain product. How I wish that the fare will go back from Php7.00 to Php5.00.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

One Year Anniversary Of Simple Yet Rock And Odesk Member

I should have celebrate today but I didn't make it. Or guess I celebrated it facing my computer and worked. Bad thing is that I had a disrupted internet connection so I am not done with other projects. I finished the full-time job first before doing the next projects. What time is it now? It's quarter to nine in the evening. I should have done all the projects by now but I failed. You see, I even hard time continuing this blog post for today because of my failure internet connection. I should enjoy a massage by now but I guess mom's not done yet with her massage. I am having a headache right now. I know this post is very lame but I just want to post something for the anniversary of my blog and being part of Odesk.

I have three other projects that need to be done and it should be done in one hour, two hours and five hours. So it makes another 8 hours. I wonder if I should sleep early and wake up early or I need to wake up in the middle of the night. Tomorrow afternoon I have a date of course with my boyfriend. I miss going to malls just eating different kinds of food, ice cream, playing games and other things that I seldom to do.

Yeah! I better get a massage so that I could sleep, wake up early and do the last eight hours of job for the week. I guess tomorrow would be the post anniversary. :)

Friday, September 17, 2010

I Want To Have A Vacation Or Just One Day Trip

Since I focused on my online job, I never had the time to enjoy even just a one day trip during my day off. The coolest place would be going to the malls probably SM City Cebu where I could watch the latest movie, going to Cyberzone to check out the laptops or net books for the price, eating to different restaurants and going to the World of Fun to play games.

I am also thinking of going to other places within Cebu. I just want to unwind. Swimming on pools or beaches would be great but I am undecided. Or I want to be adventurous, I am thinking of nature tripping or hiking. How about going to Bohol? I still wonder how much could I spend for the trip.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Changing My Body Clock

This morning, I decided to wake up early at six. I took a bath and ate just one pan de sal. What kind of breakfast was that? Actually I have no appetite to eat my breakfast very early. The reason I wake up early is because I want to change my body clock. I have a full time and part time job online so as long as possible I have to meet the contracted hours in a week. It would be a waste if I won't work and complete the time.

This day is such a good start but I have to go out because I never have any day-off during weekends. I just made the first project for six hours. Of course, by tomorrow, I'll be working more than eight hours.

Have a nice day ahead!

Friday, September 10, 2010

I Got An Assistant

I was so happy that someone responded with my announcement on Facebook. It was my classmate during high school. I just don't want to be detailed about her. I was relieved when she sent the articles that I needed. My working heavy baggage became lighter. But next week, I need to change my body clock in order to meet the full time job. I need extra hours to work on my part-time jobs. It is not really easy to be a writer because I am easily lost for words. I think my September posts are picture less. T_T

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

I Need Writer Assistant

Once again I am really, really, really busy.  I have lots of article writing jobs that need to be done.  My jobs are all ongoing and I am afraid that I cannot do all of these.  I even have link building jobs.  My writing works are not that difficult and the topics are all general.  I hope I could find someone who can send me articles that I need.  Yeah, I really posted some status on my Facebook that I really need an assistant.  

Sunday, September 05, 2010

K-kinda Busy

I am so busy with my freelance job nowadays.  I never had the time to post for the month.  September is the start of the BER months.  Christmas songs are on the radios.  Everyone is starting for the countdown but honestly I can't feel the Christmas season yet unless my birthday is done for the year.  Ha ha ha ha! I'm not gonna tell you when's my birthday.

I have lots of things to post but time won't let me freely do it.  I have images that I would like you to see.  But for now, I just escaped for a while from my job because it's a Sunday.  I have 2 projects that need to be done.  I am doing article writing jobs.  I was not born to be a writer because I am not really that poetic.  I really don't know why I landed on this kind of work.

Even though I would really like to post a scheduled post seems impossible.  My brain is not really fast to work on a lot of things.  In a day I just want to focus only one activity to keep my brain simple as it is (*sigh*).  Anyway, I have to take my lunch and have a good time with Lady Gaga on her K-kinda busy video: Telephone.


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