Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What Can I Say?

Yesterday, I did some groceries in Minglanilla, Cebu at La Nueva after I deposit my money from the earnings I have with my online job. I made sure to remain a personal money worth Php500.00 in case I need something to buy. I went to the grocery and bought foods and some other personal and for cleaning stuffs. After that I went to the cashier and was shocked that I would pay Php475.00. I never thought that those stuffs put in just one bag is worth almost Php500.00. I never have time taking photo shots with my grocery. This month of September is really picture less.

The dollar versus peso rate, I was really worried that from Php45.00 it slowly dropped to 44, then 43 and now 42. What will happen next week? Would it be 40 or 39? I really ranted through Facebook about the dropping of the dollar versus peso but the prices in the markets and fare are still high. One example was my small grocery bag worth Php500.00. Php500.00 is already a big money but I never thought that I could buy something that has less quantities that I imagined.

They say it is a sign of progress for our country. Of course, I am hoping for it but I am just worried about my Php500.00 that I can only buy few quantities for a certain product. How I wish that the fare will go back from Php7.00 to Php5.00.


  1. The decrease in Dollar rate really affect those people who are working online. Tsk tsk. So, good luck dyud sa ato.

  2. Mao... super good luck jud sa ato now nga ang akong full time job naa ra tawn dinhi online. T_T



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