Sunday, September 05, 2010

K-kinda Busy

I am so busy with my freelance job nowadays.  I never had the time to post for the month.  September is the start of the BER months.  Christmas songs are on the radios.  Everyone is starting for the countdown but honestly I can't feel the Christmas season yet unless my birthday is done for the year.  Ha ha ha ha! I'm not gonna tell you when's my birthday.

I have lots of things to post but time won't let me freely do it.  I have images that I would like you to see.  But for now, I just escaped for a while from my job because it's a Sunday.  I have 2 projects that need to be done.  I am doing article writing jobs.  I was not born to be a writer because I am not really that poetic.  I really don't know why I landed on this kind of work.

Even though I would really like to post a scheduled post seems impossible.  My brain is not really fast to work on a lot of things.  In a day I just want to focus only one activity to keep my brain simple as it is (*sigh*).  Anyway, I have to take my lunch and have a good time with Lady Gaga on her K-kinda busy video: Telephone.

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