Saturday, September 18, 2010

One Year Anniversary Of Simple Yet Rock And Odesk Member

I should have celebrate today but I didn't make it. Or guess I celebrated it facing my computer and worked. Bad thing is that I had a disrupted internet connection so I am not done with other projects. I finished the full-time job first before doing the next projects. What time is it now? It's quarter to nine in the evening. I should have done all the projects by now but I failed. You see, I even hard time continuing this blog post for today because of my failure internet connection. I should enjoy a massage by now but I guess mom's not done yet with her massage. I am having a headache right now. I know this post is very lame but I just want to post something for the anniversary of my blog and being part of Odesk.

I have three other projects that need to be done and it should be done in one hour, two hours and five hours. So it makes another 8 hours. I wonder if I should sleep early and wake up early or I need to wake up in the middle of the night. Tomorrow afternoon I have a date of course with my boyfriend. I miss going to malls just eating different kinds of food, ice cream, playing games and other things that I seldom to do.

Yeah! I better get a massage so that I could sleep, wake up early and do the last eight hours of job for the week. I guess tomorrow would be the post anniversary. :)

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