I created this blog as a hobby. I just want to post my personal interests in here. I am not a good writer and never been in school publications before but I just want to express how I feel and my points of view in life. As long as possible, I want to have correct grammar on my writings.

I had a blog before but I deleted it due to the fact that some of my posts were just copy-paste and my teacher during high school, who was my Computer teacher and now an SEO specialist, advise me to delete it and start a new blog if I want to make money out of it.

I never knew anything about SEO stuffs, page ranks, and etc. I didn't knew that my blog is already PR2 I think by the month of February with the help of a co-blogger. Actually I am just learning these stuffs because of these people who are passionate with blogging.

I restarted this blog on September 18, 2009. See the first post.


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