Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bob Hairstyle at Franzy Hair Salon

Last Thursday, Mom and I went to Gaisano Minglanilla to cool around. It was so d*mn hot.  Anyway, before that I vomited because of hyper-acidity and allergy attacks.  I lost my lunch and my stomach was empty.  Well, it was also a bad hair day so I need a haircut.  Still I love donning with bob hairstyle.  There is Franzy Hair Salon so I go for a haircut and mom on pedicure.

I woke up Friday morning with a sleepy face

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Lego World at the Northwing SM City Cebu

Last Saturday on April 21, I went to SM City Cebu to buy a pair of slippers until I happened to send a text message to Jacqui to let her know I was there.  Unexpectedly, she was also there at the Northwing.  I really didn't know what was the event there until she revealed about Lego World.

Serious with her Toy Photography blog
So I didn't bring my digital camera so I used my smartphone instead.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Excited for Grand Cosplay Ball and Awards Night

Arcel and Jacqui invited me for this event and this is Cebu's First Grand Cosplay Ball and Awards Night.  By the way, I am not a cosplayer but I love watching anime.  When I was in high school I was really an anime fanatic.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Electronic Keyboard - Learning a Musical Instrument

I just want to share to you my childhood dream and that is to play the piano.  I was really unfortunate then that my parents could not afford to enroll me for a piano lesson.  I think I was three or four years old that I was really dreaming to be a successful pianist. I have a neighbor who teaches for a piano lesson and who happens to be my mentor when I entered a choral group when I was in elementary.  Anyway, I must say an electronic keyboard is an expensive musical instrument.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hidden Paradise Mountain Resort in San Fernando, Cebu - It's Nice to be Back

Last Sunday on April 8, 2012, my friends and I went to Hidden Paradise Mountain Resort in San Fernando, Cebu.  This time I've got decent pictures unlike with the first time I went there with my boyfriend (check the post here).  Yes, this is the second time around with Adam.

Group pic before we left: Adam and Rox, Claire, Karen, Chem, Maana and Banjo

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Any Nice Prenup Pictorial Locations in Cebu and Manila?

Last Sunday, my friends and I went to a resort for a summer outing.  One of our friends announced that she will get married by the end of December.  Well, it is the very best time for her and her boyfriend because they are both stable, her boyfriend working as a seaman and she is a civil engineer.

She asked me for some suggestions if I could think of a place for prenup pictorials.  I know this is not easy as choosing bridesmaids and groomsmen gifts.  Hey, I am not an expert about weddings but I love this topic and also if it is my time to get married, then why not use and apply my own ideas? Well, it depends on my budget though.

Sometimes choosing unique wedding gifts really takes time especially when you are really keen of what to give to your special guests.  We have to look for a special gift for them and they should not be taken for granted.  Choosing a location for your prenup pictorials should not also be taken for granted.  If you want a wonderful memories of your prenup then choose the best location for the both of you.

I asked her what would be the theme of their prenup pictorials.  Her boyfriend wants something in the mountain like with an adventurous theme but she wants it to be on the beach.  Her boyfriend is trying to avoid the sea since whole year round he is always at the sea.

Well, I have seen that most of the couples are using the beach theme for the prenup pictorials.  Since I’ve been working for, it is nice to see some other blogs that I was able to get some ideas.  Before I could tell her my suggestions for the prenup pictorials, it is best for me to ask some ideas from my readers.

Could anyone suggest some nice prenup pictorial locations here in Cebu? How about in Manila? Please put on your comments below and help me about this matter. Thanks in advance. :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Online SSS Payment through Metrobank

I just made a payment for my monthly SSS individual contribution through Metrobank Direct, an online banking portal of Metrobank.  I am really tired of going to SSS (Social Security System) office in Cebu which I need to wait for my (very long) queue.  Although I pay my contributions in bulk for about every six months, still it is a very hassle task.

Metrobank website

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Serious with Feeling Food Blogger

At last! Last night I just launched a food blog entitled Feeling Food Blogger.  Yes, I am really serious with the title of the blog.  If you remember my previous post (click here), it was the reason it all started with the title.  I am not an expert about food but I just love to eat.  So, from now you can read my food trips there.  It is really nice to start this kind of niche especially if you love what you are blogging about. ^____^ Please support my new blog.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

What Do You Eat for Holy Week?

Today is Holy Wednesday and most of us are on fasting right now.  Fasting on eating pork.  This morning, mom prepared this for lunch but I had this for brunch.  Sweet and sour dried fish, fried fish and mango shake in a medium-sized cup. Yes, this is one of my favorite meal experiences.

A yummy brunch!

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Hanson Shout It Out Tour Concert in Cebu

I really enjoyed the concert with Hanson last night.  I was with my friend Tata.  Woah! Girls were crazy shouting last night.  I even lost my voice today.  It was my first time ever to watch a concert for an international band.  Perfect time to feel good.

Indeed listening to Hanson is always a really good time.  When we were young, oh yes I was young then, I keep listening to MMMBop and dance with it. When there was MTV on our television I kept on waiting for their music videos. 


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