Wednesday, April 04, 2012

What Do You Eat for Holy Week?

Today is Holy Wednesday and most of us are on fasting right now.  Fasting on eating pork.  This morning, mom prepared this for lunch but I had this for brunch.  Sweet and sour dried fish, fried fish and mango shake in a medium-sized cup. Yes, this is one of my favorite meal experiences.

A yummy brunch!

Eating bare hand
I seldom eat bare hand.  Since I am always in front the computer working on my freelance job, I always use spoon and fork to avoid using bare hands.  I don't want to wash my hands during lunch or dinner to avoid spasms.  Of course, I need to take care of my hands because this is an asset to my job.

This morning was the only chance I have eaten bare hands so that I could enjoy the moment.

So, what do you eat for Holy Week?

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