Friday, August 31, 2012

Earthquake in Cebu at 8:50PM

Woah! The earthquake I felt earlier was strong. Of course, I am facing in front of the computer working on my online job. I didn't count how many seconds but it was long. The earthquake earlier was stronger and longer than the first time I felt it last February. Goodness I am so worried right now with the shaking of the earth's crust.


It has the intensity of 7.9 magnitude.

Epicenter: East of Sulangan, Easter Samar

Woah scary!

You can get the updates here.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

First Camotes Island Experience

Few days ago, I posted Where Was I Last Weekend? So here is a detailed post about the overnight stay. ^___^

I left Naga beyond 7AM and met Adam at Bulacao then we rode a bus and dropped in Cebu South Bus Terminal, walked a bit to E-Mall and looked for the 01K route going to the North Bus Terminal.  We arrived few minutes before 9AM.

We took the Ceres Bus going to Danao City and left the terminal few minutes after 9AM. We arrived in Danao City at before 10:30AM. Tsk, I had a miscalculation of the time because the ferry boat for 10:00AM already left. Well, I thought there was never a 10-AM schedule. I tried to call Jomalia shipping few days before the trip but no one answered. Though 12 NN was our target in the first place but earlier would be much better. Anyway, here is the schedule of Jomalia Shipping:

Danao to Consuelo Port
5:30 AM
8:30 AM
10:00 AM
12 NN
5:30 PM
9:30 PM
Consuelo to Danao
4 AM
5:30 AM
9 AM
12 NN
2 PM
4 PM 
Jomalia Shipping
Our tickets
Well, we had our chance to eat our packed lunch.  I brought a plastic ware full of rice with liempo. Bringing your own food and water on a trip is really a great saving. Then the ferry boat arrived and we found our seat.

OMG! It's Bb Gandanghari
Our packed lunch was too much for us so we also ate it during snack time. I wasn't able to take pictures of the food because we were so hungry.  Buying food inside the ferry is expensive.

Killing the boredom
Few minutes after 2PM, we arrived at the port of Consuelo.
Welcome to Consuelo!

There were lots of Habal-habal drivers waiting for tourists to bring you to your destination or place to stay. We paid P50 per head going to Santiago Bay Garden and Resorts.

The rooms of Santiago Bay Garden and Resort
I went to the reception area and paid our balance for the reservation of our room. We just left our things in our room, fixed ourselves and went back to the Habal-habal driver for the tour. Yeah, no rest for few minutes. Tsk!

We paid P120 for the two liters of gasoline for the motorcycle plus P500 for the tour. Take note: on your trip, try to negotiate clearly with the driver and may be you can pay lesser than what we paid for. Because during my research, P120 for the two liters of gasoline was never mentioned. Well, my bad! Lesson learned! 

Lake Danao Park
We went to Lake Danao Park with an entrance fee of  P15.00. I will blog about this separately.

Timubo Cave
Next was Timubo Cave with an entrance fee of P15.00, also to blog this separately.

At the end of the day, we went to Baywalk for our dinner and we only spent P87.00 for the both of us. we just bought pork barbecue which is worth P5.00 per stick, hanging rice and softdrink. Hey, the pork barbecue is very delicious. Haven't took a pic because we were hungry then. We also bought a box of pizza for midnight snack, in case I was hungry worth P109.

After dinner, we went back to the place we stayed then the rain poured down and we were all wet. When we arrived at Santiago Bay Garden and Resort, we went straight to our room. Hmm, there was no night swimming happened that night. Tsk. We took a bath and after that we decided to sleep early for tomorrow and to had enough rest. Unfortunately, I could not sleep. I was so envious with Adam because he was snoring already while I had trouble sleeping. T_T

We woke up the next morning before 6AM. While Adam was kicking and alive because he had enough sleep, I was like going back to the bed to get back my sleep. But I had no choice so I never had enough sleep then my senses were active again. My eyes were tired but my mind was active.

drinking coffee

Eating my breakfast but he ate the eggs because I'm allergic to it.

took a swim to their infinity pool, at the back it was high tide
At 9:30AM, we prepared ourselves for Mangodlong Rock Resort. The entrance is free since we stayed at their sister hotel resort, Santiago Bay Garden. I will blog about this separately. We paid P140 from Santiago Bay to Mangodlong and vice versa since it has a different rate.

Mangodlong Rock Resort
at 11AM, it's low tide at Santiago Bay
We went back to the resort at 11AM and took our lunch at the restaurant of Santiago Bay and Garden resort.

Lunch worth P500 all in all.
12 NN was our check out time but we checked out at 12:30PM because we packed our things.  Good thing, there we no guests arrived so we had 30 minutes to pack our things. At 12:30 PM, we left the resort and proceeded to the port for the 2 PM ferry boat schedule going back to Danao. Remember the P500 tour? We asked him to make it P400 and let the P100 be our fare to the port from the resort.

So here's the breakdown of our expenses, combination of two people.

P100 --  viand for lunch (liempo)
P30 -- fare from Bulacao to SBT
P20 -- fare from E-Mall to NBT
P15 --  bottled water
P30 -- Nova chips
P80 -- bus to Danao
P30 -- Fish tinola for lunch
P1 -- piso mineral water
P360 -- ticket
P10 -- port fee
P100 -- Habal-habal ride from Consuelo to Santiago Bay
P20 -- bottled water
P30 -- Lake Danao entrance fee
P30 -- Timubo Cave entrance fee
P120 -- 2 liters of gasoline for motorbike
P500 -- for the reservation fee
P500 -- balance for the reservation fee of the room
P87 -- dinner at Baywalk
P109 -- pizza
P400 -- for the tour
P100 -- Habal-habal ride from Santiago Bay to Consuelo Port
P35 -- bottled water
P100 -- breakfast
P35 -- bottled water
P30 -- C2 drink
P30 -- bottled water
P500 -- lunch at Santiago Bay Garden and Resort
P140 -- Habal-habal ride from Santiago Bay to Mangodlong and V.V
P360 -- ticket back to Danao (we did not had the chance to pay for the port worth P10 or P5 each)
P70 -- fare from Danao to SM
P45 -- rice and drinks at SM
P28 -- SM to Bulacao
P26 -- Bulacao to Naga

A total of P4071.00 for two persons.

Actually, you can bring P2,000 as a budget per person especially when you are just living near Cebu City. I already expected that it will exceed more than P2K because I live in Naga. Also, bringing your own food will cost you less. The breakdown expenses above is just a guide but you can omit some unnecessary expenses. Also, if you have your own vehicle for traveling like a car or motorbike, then you have no problem paying for the fare.

Definitely I will go back to Camotes Island. How about you?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Where Was I Last Weekend?

Last Sunday, my boyfriend and I went to an island for an escape or should I say an escapade Ahahaha! I never told any of my clients of my short vacation because I had not seen them online last week. We had an overnight stay and I should say it was bitin. 3 days and 2 nights would be the best.


Anyway, I haven't done uploading all the pictures to my Facebook album so I just leave you here now.  I'll blog about this. Waah! Oh well, I'm not yet done with my Bohol tour blog posts. Hehehe! 

Can you guess where was I last weekend? I'm sure you've been here too. ^___^

Friday, August 24, 2012

Random Blogging #3 - Fun with Adobe Photoshop

I don't know what to blog right now because I am so busy with my freelance life this week from full-time to part time work.  Since I only have 8 hours left from full time so I just want to visit my blog and update it.

Anyway, I had fun with Adobe Photoshop because I got a gig at  It was converting a black and white picture to a colored one.  I just Googled a tutorial and found it on YouTube.

It was like I am a noobs in Ps because I am not really totally familiar with all the functions but happy to see online tutorials for free.

So do you also have gigs at

By the way, you can see some of my works at

Friday, August 17, 2012

Baclayon Church in Bohol

Wow! I am not yet done with my series of blog posts about my Bohol trip.  So from the Blood Compact monument where we only stayed in few minutes, we went straight to one of the oldest churches in the Philippines, Baclayon Church - The Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception.

Behind me is the Baclayon Church

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Blood Compact in Tagbilaran City, Bohol

Whew! I am not yet done with my Bohol blog post and as promised, let's continue with my tour. ^_^

After the Hinagdanan Cave tour, we went to the Blood Compact monument.  This monument is a sign of friendship between the Filipinos and Spaniards.  Boholanos are celebrating the Sandugo festival which Sandugo is a Visayan term for "one blood."  To know more about the Sandugo, click here.

The Blood Compact monument

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Dermclinic at SM City Cebu

Yesterday, I had an emergency looking for a dermatologist because of my skin allergy.  I got my skin allergy when I was working as a service crew of a quick service restaurant.  Because of it's free meal, I always eat crispy fried chicken.

It got worse when I ate at Joven's Grill with a lot of sea foods like shrimps and crabs. I got a dark stain on my lips as if I was smoking but no, I don't. I bought petroleum jelly and applied it on my lips and the itchiness subsided.

Last Tuesday, I bought Maybelline's lip balm with menthol flavor and applied it on my lips.  It got irritated and my lips got itchy again.  I realized that it is time for me to go to a dermatologist.  I searched online and found Dermclinic.  So yesterday I went there.

The doctor speaks Tagalog and so I was doing my TagLish (Tagalog-English). Napakahirap mag Tagalog kaya? Hahahaha! Gusto ko sana mag Cebuano. Anyway, the doctor is good.

I spent less than P1,500 yesterday together with the consultation fee and medicines. Yes, I have these two anti-histamines that I will take each day in a week: for morning and during bed time. I also have this anti-inflammatory ointment to apply on affected areas.  Their consultation fee is P350.

Dermclinic SM City Cebu 
2/F SM City Cebu, North Reclamation Area, San Jose dela Montana corner M.J. Cuenca, Cebu City
Tel. Nos. +63 (032) 232-0752/ 234-3253

After 7 days, I need to go back for a follow-up.

Have you been to Dermclinic? What can you say about their services?

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Book: Pisobilities by Francisco J. Colayco

Yesterday my boyfriend and I went to SM City Cebu then we went to National Bookstore and bought this book Pisobilities by Francisco J. Colayco.  Yeah, I've been collecting books about personal finance.  The book is in pure Tagalog or Filipino so it was kind of nosebleed to me.  It would be fun if it's a mix of Tagalog and English.

It's only P95.00. I just love going to bookstores and find some very interesting to read about personal finance. You can see some of the books here and here.

What other personal finance books can you recommend to me? ^__^

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Happy 5th Year Anniversary AdamRox

Yeah, 5 years of being in a LOVE-HATE relationship and we are always there for each other, from BEST to WORST.  Here are some of our pics from the present and way back few years. Tsk, sorry we don't have our pictures for 2008 and 2007 because the pictures we had were on Friendster.

July 2012

January 2012

August 2011
November 2010
March 2009
Hehehehe! So we gotta see each other this Sunday since it's his day off.  He just called me awhile ago and greeted me happy 5th year anniversary.  He is working on a night shift right now.  That's all for today and I need to sleep now.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Buy 1 Take 1 Sofa Bed at Mandaue Foam

It was the last day of July when a friend on Facebook sent me a chat message about Buy 1 Take 1 sofa bed.  She asked me if I wanted to buy so that we could share half of the expenses. She gave me the website of Mandaue Foam. I was thinking and remembered that mom wanted to buy a double-deck which I did not like the idea in the first place.

I called my mom and let her see about the promo. Yesterday, we went to the nearest Mandaue Foam Showroom in our place which it is located in Pardo, Cebu.

Buy 1 Take 1 Sofa Bed

Welcome August with Positive Vibes!

I openly welcome August with another positive vibes and many-to-mention blessings. Hahaha!  I could say that the opening of year 2012 has been good to me and it was a continuation before 2011 ended. Yeah, I have nothing much to say because I am sleepy and it's 12:03 AM (as of this writing). I haven't blogged yet although I have lots of things to blog about.  Yes, my Bohol trip is not yet done and I haven't blogged the South and North trip of Cebu. Oh well, I don't want to deprive my sleep because I need more energy for tomorrow's task.

Uhm, I just want to share to you my Instagram photo ^__^ and please follow me!


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