Friday, August 17, 2012

Baclayon Church in Bohol

Wow! I am not yet done with my series of blog posts about my Bohol trip.  So from the Blood Compact monument where we only stayed in few minutes, we went straight to one of the oldest churches in the Philippines, Baclayon Church - The Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception.

Behind me is the Baclayon Church
This picture was taken by my sister that we had the chance to get outside when we were done taking snapshots inside the church.


The Museum but we never had the chance to witness it inside.

with my cousin Precy

the miniature of Baclayon Church
They are planning to renovate their church with a modern look.

Should be conservative inside the church
As you can see, I was wearing a sleeveless and a mini-skirt so I had to cover my body.  The ladies inside the church provided the cloth for tourists.

Inside Baclayon Church
The front door was not open


Baclayon Church
Before our Bohol trip, I have mentioned on my previous post about our Cebu round trip but I haven't blogged about it yet. What I am amazed with the old churches which I haven't seen with the modern churches nowadays is the Pulpit, see below image.

Pulpit in the old church of Carcar City, Cebu
When I got to Bohol and saw the pulpit again in Baclayon Church, actually I didn't know that it was called a Pulpit or Pulpito. I just knew it when they had this information posted, see image below.

Waah! Funny that I only knew it when I got to Bohol.  Hmmm, it's like an educational tour for me. Lulz! Next post will be in Xzootic Animal Park, so watch out for it!

Have you also visited Baclayon Church?


  1. lovely photos! Bohol is really beautiful! uggh you made me miss bohol and made me wanna book a flight! :) looking forward to your future posts <3


    1. @wander shugah: hehe thank you! di pa ako tapos mag post about bohol :D



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