Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Seek Help from Medical Negligence Lawyer

Health is wealth.  This is the only thing we can have in order for us to go on with our day to day routines.  Sometimes we can’t control that some diseases attack us and we need the help of doctors to cure us.  Anyway, little diseases can be cured right at home.

A lot of people nowadays also went and go for cosmetic surgeries to improve one’s physicality.  These kind of surgeries are expensive and some really spend millions or more just for vanity.  Other surgeries are needed to improve one’s health.

We seek help to doctors because they are the experts of the medical field.  But what if something went or goes wrong? Instead of improving someone’s health it may lead to injuries or negligent treatment.  When this happens, who and where to seek help?

You need a Medical Negligence Lawyer for this.  I know that suing a medical expert for doing such carelessness is very disturbing and uncomfortable in our part because time and money must be consumed.  Most of the time, our presence is totally needed.

At Maurice Blackburn they have dedicated team professionals who handle malpractice claims or medical negligence only.  They handled hundreds of cases that were successful like improper drug treatment, failure to diagnose illnesses and other forms of injuries and negligence during operations and at birth.

Medical Negligence Lawyer helps us to fight what is right.  Medical negligence is a very serious problem that needs attention.  Health providers should have a high-level of standards because we pay for their expertise.

If you’ve been a victim, seek out for Medical Negligence Lawyer immediately because for medical malpractice cases there are legal deadlines for that.  Your lawyer will evaluate the case and after that they will advise you for legal options.                                          

Sunday, March 27, 2011

It's UniSilver Time

A while ago, I just purchased my own watch.  I went to SM City Cebu and passed through a UniSilver Time stall near Cyberzone.  They were having a sale and I think it will end by this month.  My mom always tells me to buy my own watch in order not looking to my cellphone frequently in case I accidentally left it.  I will observe how my wrist will look like because in the past I've got allergies every time I wear a watch.

UniSilver Time is having a 50% sale off.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Light Box Image Viewer For My Photo Blog: Fotografi Rox

Recently I just build a photo blog of mine at Fotografi Rox because I want to pursue my hobby in photography.  But I don't have a DSLR camera so I am just using my Olympus fe-26 digital camera.  I love the results of my camera like some people mistaken it from a DSLR camera.

With my photo blog, I am using light box image viewer for Blogger.  I didn't post the whole steps to avoid plagiarism.  Anyway, just click the link and you will be brought to another page.

Click the image to check out my photo blog with the light box image viewer.

Monday, March 14, 2011

K-Pop Resto and Sports Bar - Night Life in Naga

Last Friday night on March 11, 2011, my mom invited for a night life.  Not in Mango but just here in our town (city?).  K-Pop Resto and Sports Bar opened that same night and it is owned by a Korean nationality.  If you've been in Naga Proper, the resto and sports bar is located at a rooftop in NLE Building where Mercury Drug Store can be found on the first floor.

K-Pop Resto & Sports Bar

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fotografi Rox - My First Photo Blog Ever

I've been dreaming to have a photo blog but I had no camera then.  By the time I have bought a digital camera (not from my own money), my personal blog become so colorful because of the images I put regarding on my post.
click photo to view the blog
Since I captured a lot of beautiful photos from my Olympus fe-26 camera, I decided to build a photo blog where I can showcase the beautiful images that I have taken.  My photo blog is still in the process of construction.  I am excited to post the pictures with a watermark or logo on it.  Please support my photo blog as how you support my blogs like Simple Yet Rock and Opinions of a Young Lass.  Thanks a lot. :)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

What Keeps Me Busy Right Now?

Again and again, I'm busy right now for doing my online job.  I need to work because I only got a small salary because of - procrastination? No, I think it's because of laziness or maybe I was just tired the past few weeks.  My table is kind of messy right now for not arranging my things.  I am also thinking of building another blog which I can pursue my hobby in photography.  Oh, I don't have a DSLR camera but just a digital point-and-shoot camera.  I've got a stupid internet connection right now because it's raining so I'm really pissed of doing my job at the moment so I'm just enjoying with Adobe Photoshop making some logo.

So, what keeps you busy at this moment?

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Home Improvement - Newly Fixed Upholstery of Our Corner Set

For few weeks with no seats in our living room, at last our corner set just arrived yesterday with new upholstery.  I am happy with the little improvement in our home and I am trying my best to revamp our sala first because it is where we receive our visitors.  My home theatre looks good in this place. :)

Here are the snapshots I took yesterday:

covered by leather with the color peach :)

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Medical Scrubs for Medical Professionals

Medical professionals are in high demand right now especially in the US.  The most in demand profession these days are nurse careers either you are a registered nurse, a licensed practical nurse or a certified nursing assistant.  With this kind of job, you need nursing scrubs for your use in the clinic or in the hospital.

As a nurse, we always face our patients almost every day to monitor their medical conditions and other stuffs.  We can’t deny that little kids are afraid of injections and sometimes to the nurses.  Fashionable and colorful hospital uniforms are a must so that patients feel at ease with their nurses with clean uniforms and a glowing face.

Uniforms and scrubs are available at blueskyscrubs.com which you can buy medical scrubs online that are for both men and women.  The medical uniforms can be shipped anywhere in the world.  If you order for $155 or more you can enjoy the free shipping.  These scrubs are great for gift ideas to your friends and relatives who are medical professionals.


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