Sunday, February 24, 2013

Got PR1 For Simple Yet Rock

Since I changed this domain to .info, my PR or Page Rank went back to zero. I remember when it was I got PR 2, then PR1, and went to 0 and back to PR1. Actually, I really didn't care about Page Rank before but it did earn me some bucks for blog advertising which I write blog posts for several websites. It wasn't bad at all because this blog helped as my online portfolio. (To understand what Page Rank is, click here).

Then I got inspired to write informative posts although I have several and random personal blog posts. Also I decided to buy a domain for this which is This is my first blog but I first bought a domain of for my home-based business - my another online portfolio for graphic design skills. Unfortunately, I got no chance to update Fotografi Rox but business is still on going. I am just wishing that I could buy a DSLR camera to practice photography. :D

I blogged this because of superficial happiness! Hahaha! I realized that a .info domain is very slow to get some PR 1 or more. Unlike a .com with Fotografi Rox, I got PR 1 in just few months with updated posts.

Anyway, I am not really obsessed to get higher Page Rank but of course, I feel happy about it. All I love to do is to blog whatever is on my mind.

Happy blogging! <3 <3 <3

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Post Valentine Celebration

Last Saturday of February 16, 2013, I and some of my friends decided to have an xbox party. On Valentine's Day, it was Heart's birthday so we celebrated after two days while Jeaneth just finished her culinary course and I pressured her to bring food. Hahaha! There, she baked a cake. :D

Here we are!
Jeaneth's cake inside the Red Ribbon box on a Goldilocks' cakeboard LOL and it's a red velvet cake

Strike a pose!
We were dancing
Check out some videos we have here.

This video is a dance presentation of the twins: Margaux and Celine LOL
English Paka Battle
Rachellyn's little brother, Thomas, always speaks in English so it was like we were forced to converse in English. By the way, he doesn't like to be called little brother but big brother! The last video was just purely fun and I hope you'll enjoy with it. :D

So how did you celebrate your Valentine's Day?

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Contract Signing

I really don't know what to blog because I've been emotional the past few days. Still, I have to look the brighter side of life. So, here I just printed a contract and signed it. I just need to scan and submit it to the person intended for it.

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Visual Graphic Design Conference Ticket

I'll just write a summary on what is happening to me within this week due to a hectic schedule of work with my online job.

The Ticket

Last Monday of February 4, 2013, at last, my ticket for the Visual Graphic Design Conference arrived. I am excited and it's two days more to go. The ticket is so cute.

Saturday, February 02, 2013

Two Brand New Laptops in Two Days

Last few days of January was really a mess regarding with my online job. My desktop computer was a pain in the ass by the time I was re-sizing a photo in Adobe Photoshop with high resolution. The moment I was going to save it, I couldn't because of the low memory of my desktop. My net book was being used by my partner for another project so I couldn't disturb him.

My desktop computer is already five years old and I'm proud to say that I've been earning from it. So I guess it's time to move on. I had no choice but to buy a laptop. Although I need to upgrade some parts of my system unit or buy another one, it's bulky in my mini office. I could not imagine having two desktop computers. Well, having a laptop is really a part of my wish list. Yes, this is a good investment.

1st Day - I got a HP laptop

The next day, it was Jan. 30, 2013, my partner and I went to SM City Cebu and searched for laptops. Just to make the story short, I purchased HP Pavilion G4. Beside HP was Lenovo and I was eyeing for it. I thought HP was a value for money because I paid for 29K with a backpack, free printer and genuine OS. At the store, it looks okay, we couldn't see any problem but when I used it at home I just found the problem.

HP Pavilion G4 - specs: i5, 4GB RAM, 650 HD


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