Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Post Valentine Celebration

Last Saturday of February 16, 2013, I and some of my friends decided to have an xbox party. On Valentine's Day, it was Heart's birthday so we celebrated after two days while Jeaneth just finished her culinary course and I pressured her to bring food. Hahaha! There, she baked a cake. :D

Here we are!
Jeaneth's cake inside the Red Ribbon box on a Goldilocks' cakeboard LOL and it's a red velvet cake

Strike a pose!
We were dancing
Check out some videos we have here.

This video is a dance presentation of the twins: Margaux and Celine LOL
English Paka Battle
Rachellyn's little brother, Thomas, always speaks in English so it was like we were forced to converse in English. By the way, he doesn't like to be called little brother but big brother! The last video was just purely fun and I hope you'll enjoy with it. :D

So how did you celebrate your Valentine's Day?

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