Thursday, February 07, 2013

Visual Graphic Design Conference Ticket

I'll just write a summary on what is happening to me within this week due to a hectic schedule of work with my online job.

The Ticket

Last Monday of February 4, 2013, at last, my ticket for the Visual Graphic Design Conference arrived. I am excited and it's two days more to go. The ticket is so cute.

Desktop Clean-up

After the impulsive buying of my laptop, I was able to reformat my desktop. Whew! I've been juggling with different tasks and I let my partner use it for some tasks that are easy to handle.

The Usual Routine

Well, may be you'll think that my life is kind of boring. I just stay at home facing in front of the computer, sleep, eat, take a bath, and brush my teeth. Sometimes we have this cat-dog fight with my partner. I also tend the store when there are lots of customers. I seldom meet my old friends because of the hectic schedule that I have. My forms of entertainment at home are watching tv and listening to the radio. I miss playing with my xbox.

I am just glad that I've been productive this week. ^___^


  1. Geng, I hope you are not too busy to not share insights and experience on the Visual Graphic conference. :D

    I hope I can attend one someday.

    xo, Geek Gone Girly



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