Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Left Hand Injury

I got this unexpected accident last Sunday on December 12, 2010. How did this happened? I was going to reach the door knob to pull it when suddenly my brother opened the door harshly.  I was really hurt and I thought I could stand the pain but I was wrong.  I was going to type on my keyboard to continue my article writing but the pain got worse and I started to cry aloud.

On the picture above, it seems nothing wrong with my left hand but I was in terrible pain.  I could not move my hand.  Mom put a hot compress on my palm.  

Mom saw this bump on my palm.  I think it was the muscle.  My hands are so soft and I don't even have callus that is why I am so easily hurt.  After with the hot compress, mom put some ointment on my injured hand and covered it with white handkerchief.  

Even though my hand was hurting I still managed to go at my boyfriend's house in the afternoon and I found him sleeping on his room.  He got awake when he felt my presence and I cried again with my injured hand.  

He kissed my hand to ease the pain (char!)

With his face, he felt my pain while putting ointment on my hand.

I never thought that they have bandage at home.  It helped more than a handkerchief.


Almost done

I thank my mom and my boyfriend for taking care of me especially on my left hand.  I am a left-handed person and I'll do my writings here.  It was really difficult for me to work.  I even called my employers via Skype that I could not work for few days.  I am so thankful for they so understand.  I am sad to say that I have to reduce employers and working hours for I've been working almost 12 hours a day.

For almost three days of not working on my online job, what I did was roaming around with my injured hand. Yesterday I went to SM City Cebu to go shopping with mom.  That was my treatment to heal myself.  Imagine, I got the injury at home so it's not best for me to stay at home always.  I need to unwind.

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