Monday, December 06, 2010

My Facebook Status

THANKS to all my HATERS, I'm having MORE BLESSINGS. ^_^ Thank you Lord ha? pan de sal lang naman ang hiningi ko sa iyo; hamburger binigay n'yo, may fries pa. :D
I posted this Facebook status for I am so grateful what is happening to me.  I am contented for what I am doing right now.  We can't deny that there are some people are really jealous about you or me.  Yes, I am always experiencing this.  As they say, jealousy is really hard to deal with.

Actually, I really cry when someone's going to pull me down but after that, I try to rise and say, "no one can beat me."  My self-confidence and guts are just really strong.  I am a person who tells someone direct to the point and some may even find it really annoying

All I know is I never hurt or stepped anyone. Who am I anyway? I am just a nobody.  I just want to be fair and balance and most of all, I am not hypocrite.  You may find me liberating sometimes and it's nice to be like one.

Haters are really part of our lives and no one can change it.  Even though I am not that religious and I seldom go to church, I always ask God for guidance on everything I do.  My haters are my obstacles in life but in the end blessings are keep on showering me.  It's a challenge and all I have to do is to accept and face it.  Thanks God!

Thanks to My Amnesia Girl, I am using one of your lines. ;)

P.S. I am sleepy and dizzy zzzzzzzzzz...

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