Friday, December 24, 2010

Nintendo Wii Session With Friends

This is a very late post but I would like to share this to you.  It already happened during the birthday of our godson Tom.  Well, Tom was already sleeping while we were playing the gaming console.  That was the first time Glaiza and I played the Wii.  Walay Wii sa among bukid intawn (There's no Wii in our mountain so I was so ignorant how to play this).

Trying the Nintendo Wii

Taking a pose with the Nintendo Wii control

I won the game but I forgot the name hehe!

Glaiza's turn with the archery game.

The boxing arena

Glaiza versus Roxanne hahaah!
What I love the Nintendo Wii is the physical execution.  When we played this, we were sweating.  We realized it is good for exercise.  Actually both Glaiza and I have no time for that because we are so busy with our careers seating in front of the computer.  Pamaul ang gawas namong duha mga pila ka adlaw (We had muscle pains for next few days).  

After this, I decided to save money so that I could buy this for next year.  This game is for the whole family.  I am sure my parents and my siblings will have fun of the Wii.

Do you have a Wii gaming console? What's your experience with it?

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

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