Thursday, December 09, 2010

From Family Computer To PlayStation 2

During my childhood years, I remember I have played Mario Brothers on a family computer from Nintendo.  I used to play this at my cousins' because they have this.  After many years, I never have the chance to play it again.

There are lots of game consoles evolving in the market.  There are from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.  I am not really familiar with the game consoles because I am not that addicted to games.

With the pictures below I was playing PS2 or PlayStation2 at my boyfriend's house.  I was just a beginner and had trouble with the console.
Playing God of War as Athena

Serious with my game

Athena on the go

Cool boyfriend, Panic girlfriend
My feet got numb because of my sitting position.  I don't even have exercise because of my work that keeps on sitting in front of the computer.  Anyway I had fun but still I love playing Mario Brothers.  Hehehe!

Any childhood memories with the Family computer? PlayStation?


  1. wow. i'm so much in love with the family computer back then... until now. lol. i also collect some... carts.. and 2 consoles. man... those times when pc gaming aren't popular in cebu. tsk2. and the playstation 1 too! it was like everywhere! malls, public market, neighborhood... damn! :D

    1. Wow! My I have several faves with family computer. I also remember Twin Bees. :)

  2. good to hear from you. hihihi. we'll be having a retro game party with some good friends of mine hopefully this month.

    1. cool retro party. right now i have an xbox 360 then i invite my friends for a dance party. hehehe



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