Wednesday, December 01, 2010

My Attempt On Wearing Eye Mascara

It's December 1 and this is my first post for the month.  I just want to apologize again for not updating my blog for November because I am so busy with my job.  I just have the opportunity to wake up early today at four in the morning so here I am now, blogging.   I can already feel Christmas but still decorations in our house are not yet up.

Ok, I just want to share my make-up progression.  Last November, I forgot what date, I purchased a water-resistant eye mascara for myself from Avon and it's worth PhP179.00.  The color is brown.

Avon eye mascara

My first attempt. My lashes are not long.

Looks I am not wearing an eye mascara.  No eyeliners yet.
The top view

2nd attempt with an eye liner
With flash on, brown eye mascara and brown eyes.
This is how I look, sorry!
I know I am not that really good.  I still have to look for tutorials for eye makeup techniques.  My make-up is just so simple.  I put concealers on my face to hide the flaws especially under my eyes with dark eye bags and pimples.  After that I just gently tap on a face powder.  Then, I put an eye liner and the mascara.  Lastly, my pink lipstick or just purely lip balm for a natural look.  I never put on eye shadows and blush-ons.  I am just really a late bloomer in doing makeups.

Any comments on what I did? An advice is greatly appreciated for those makeup artist out there or who are just fond of wearing makeup.   

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