Tuesday, January 25, 2011

LTO Driver's License Application - Student Permit

Just this morning, Rachellyn and I together with my dad went to LTO Talisay that can be found in Robinson's Lawa-an, Talisay City, Cebu.  I just brought my dad for guidance since he knows what to do then he wanted to witness the new processing of driver's license.  He was really impressed because we got the student permit in just few hours.  Unlike before, he had to wait for several hours for the manual processing.  Now it's computerized so it's easy and fast.

I posted some photos on my Facebook and I received some comments on how did I get it and how much is the processing so I am going to blog it here.


1. Just fill-up the application form for Driver's License.

2. Bring original NSO authenticated Birth Certificate with photocopy and/or local original Birth Certificate with photocopy.  (I brought both and just submitted the local photocopied Birth Certificate)

3. Any valid ID's: SSS ID, Philhealth ID, GSIS ID, TIN ID, Pag-ibig ID, Office ID (I just brought TIN ID and other ID's. Anyway, they were not looking for it)

4. Tax Identification Number (to be filled up in the form).

The guy on the registrar table just guide us which counter to go.  Since they were only few people, I just submitted the form and birth certificate.  The guy on the counter just told me to wait to be called on for the picture taking counter.  I just took a little chat with Rachellyn.  After the picture taking and signature, I was called by the cashier to pay the fee.  I waited again for the releasing of the student permit with the casing of the driver's license which is an additional payment without receipt (hahaha!).

My student permit worth Php317.63

The green casing for your license worth Php35.00
To know the requirements of LTO click here.

Here is my post on how to get a Non-Professional Driver's License.


  1. how many months validity of student licence ,after i can get real license?

  2. how many months validity of student license?After i can get a real license....



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