Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2nd Place VBS 2011 Best Post-Blog Post of the Year

Hey, it was really UNEXPECTED that I grabbed the 2nd place for the VBS 2011 Best Post-Blog Post of the Year.  Honestly, it is really my first time to win in a blogging contest.

I am here in my room while the rest of my family are already sleeping, net book on my bed while tweaking on my android phone downloading apps from the android market. I just discovered this at 2:20 AM while checking the statistics of my blogs because I love to know where the traffic sources come from.  

Encircled in red: the VBS link
It's a link about the winners for the VBS 2011 Best Blog Post of the Year.  I just told myself that I should not expect to be one of the winners but SHOCKED to see my name. Hahaha! I can't believe!

If you're interested of my blog post that won the 2nd place, check it here.

Encircled in red: YES IT'S MY NAME with my home address
I got excited to check the prizes. I found out for the 2nd PRIZE

SECOND PRIZE. Day Tour at Bluewater Maribago worth Php 2000.00 + RED BOX VIP CARD + Plaque of Recognition + special VBS 2011 giftpack + A page feature in VBS 2011 Website.

After that, I also went to the Visayas Blogging Summit fan page and there I saw the post about the winners.  Okay, I haven't been to Bluewater Maribago Resort because the resort is very pricey.  Of course, I will take this opportunity for the day tour for free.  How about in Red Box? It's a Karaoke hub in Cebu and of course, (ahem! ahem!) I love to sing.

 Hehehe! check the whole article here

LOLZ it's already 3:45 AM and my mom wakes up just now for she prepares meal for my brother before he goes to work.  It is also time for me to sleep.  Good morning! LOL this is the effect that I just won something.  Hahaha! I have to meet my girl friends in college this afternoon.

Congratulations to the fellow winners! Yehey! ^__________^

What a nice Christmas and New Year gift for me :D

Thanks to Cebu Bloggers Society and Visayas Blogging Summit 2011!


  1. wow congratulations Anne.. what a great way to start your year isn't?

  2. @bluedreamer: yes it is. thank you very much for dropping by. hehehe! :)

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