Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Attracting Wealth Seminar by John Calub

After the Visayas Blogging Summit 2011, the next day Manilyn and I went back to SM City Cebu for the Attracting Wealth Seminar by John Calub last November 27, 2011.  Actually we attended the Money Magnet Seminar last November 20.

We invested for this seminar for P3,500.00.  Workbooks were also provided for the participants.  I don't have to expound everything here about it but I am inviting you to join the seminar the next time Sir John Calub will be hitting for the next run here in Cebu.  It is a whole day event.

When the seminar ended, we had the chance to take pictures with Sir John Calub.

Christine (illustrator/artist) gave her token to Sir John Calub

Us with the other participants of the seminar
After this seminar, Manilyn, Dianne, JJ and I took the first assignment.  My boyfriend went to SM City Cebu to fetch me so I decided to tag him along.  Christine went home ahead for his father was waiting for her.

Again, to my readers please take the opportunity to join the Money Magnet and Attracting Wealth Seminar by John Calub.  The seminars uplift us to be successful and to be wealthy.  It helps us to change our mindset from being poor and corrupt to a wealthy one.

I FEEL GOOD after the seminar.  Even though my boyfriend had not attended the event I told him the good things about it.  Obviously, we already have our mutual understanding to help each other whatever happens in the future.

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