Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Coriander at Crossroads-Banilad, Cebu

After the Attracting Wealth Seminar, we went to our first assignment that is to go to an expensive restaurant.  The Coriander is an Indian-Singaporean restaurant located at the Crossroads arcade in Banilad, Cebu.

Most of the foods are all spicy.  I am not really fond of spicy foods but I tried it for a change.  My boyfriend loves spicy foods and he has a favorite dish.

The facade
When we arrived to the place we just took pictures of the facade.  Yes we were really hungry at that time.  The seminar ended sometime at 9PM.

The facade

Their menu
Their menu - since it is an Indian-Singaporean cuisine, we did not know what to order.  We just asked the waiter which foods are their best sellers.

Saffron rice
Saffron rice is no ordinary rice because it is too pricey.

Fish curry
Fish curry - my boyfriend's favorite

Iced tea, we got a free drink

Prawn shrimps
I love the prawn shrimps although I'm allergic to it.  

Here are the pictures before we got our order.  Well, we had our nosebleed moment that night because the waiter was speaking to us in English.  We were just goofing around and talking a lot in our table while the other table was so serious.
JJ and Dianne


Adam and Rox

It's like a glossary for their menu

Group picture while waiting for our orders
After eating our meal, we are so happy and full.

Group picture again

Audience at the back *jk*
Have you been to The Coriander? What's your food experience there?

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