Monday, December 31, 2012

My New Year's Resolution for 2013?

Few days earlier I could not think of a New Year's resolution. Just this morning, I realized that it could be TIME MANAGEMENT. Ah hope i can do it. My body clock sucks!
That was my Facebook status 11 hours ago. Honestly, I could not think of anything. Even though there may be some people dislike me with my attitude or personality, I don't want to change and announce it to the world as my New Year's Resolution. For me, it is not appropriate to say this and that. This is who I am and I enjoy being me. Huwag kang magsalita nang tapos. I can't commit something just to please everyone. What I have in mind is I just need to lessen those negative attitudes that I have.

Time Management is the only New Year's resolution that I have. My sleeping habit really sucks. As of the moment, it's 12:28 in the morning. I should be sleeping right now but I still chose to compose a blog.

Things got so busy lately because I was looking for several jobs online and fortunately I got hired with more than one client. Time management is really a must for me.

You can see some of my goals + to-do list here.

So, what would be your New Year's Resolution for 2013?

Friday, December 28, 2012

Highlights in 2012

I guess this will be my first time doing a review blog post on what was happening to me this year of 2012. Please bear with me if I'm not really good in doing this. The reason I'm writing this because I think there were lots of wonderful things happened to me this year.

  • I got my driver's license - I have a plan of getting my own motorbike but I still don't know when. Hehe!
  • Hanson Live in Cebu Concert  - my first ever concert I've watched in my entire life and it's international. ^__^ I was with a friend. Purchased tickets from Ensogo with a discount.
  • Grand Cosplay Ball - my first time to attend such event and it was extremely wicked! Yeah rock! \m/
  • Bohol Trip - my first time trip to Bohol and it was with relatives.
  • Watched David Cook Concert in Cebu - the second time I watched another concert and it's international again. Hahaha! With mom and sister this time, purchased tickets from Ensogo with discounts again. :D
  • First time at C2 Restaurant - together with boyfriend, a very expensive restaurant! O_o
  • Manila trip - my first time in Manila together with friends then went to my aunt's house for a visit.
  • Adventure Cafe in Balamban - my first time to do zipline, wall climb and rappel. That was really a great experience.
  • Enchanted Kingdom - the reason I went to Manila because I want to be young at heart for a moment. Oh yeah, this was a birthday treat for myself.
Again and again, I am really having a great year for 2012. Time is just really so fast. I am really hoping for another great things coming my way this 2013. Well, I still long live being a freelancer! ^____^

Monday, December 24, 2012

Mr. and Ms. Grinch: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

My boyfriend paid me a visit a while ago so I took a picture for the both of us and posed wacky. It turned out that he looked Grinch on the second picture. Oh well, here comes Mr. and Ms. Grinch! Hehehe!

I just wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

Note: Pictures from my phone, no edits, pimples on our face.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

My Enchanted Kingdom Experience

A trip to Manila was considered a birthday treat for myself, perhaps the most expensive. Well, it's quite late since it was on November 29 I left from Cebu. The reason I went to Manila is just to experience Enchanted Kingdom. LOL

On December 1, 2012, it was a weekend and there were a lot of people. Mostly were students because of their field trip wearing their PE Uniforms. Of course, it was a long weekend holiday and Christmas Season, families grabbed the opportunity to enjoy Enchanted Kingdom.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Adventure Cafe in Balamban, Cebu

This adventure was not really that planned because I was told by Rachellyn before the day itself. When I woke up in the morning, I just asked my mom on the spot about the trip and she said yes immediately. Rachellyn and I met first, bought food for lunch then met the rest of the pack (Glaiza, RC and Nora) at Ayala Terminal.

We rode a V-Hire going to Balamban with the fare cost PhP 110.00. Most of us were our first time at the Transcentral High-way. It was raining a bit then the road went foggy, kind of scary too. 


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My Flawless Beauty Transformation

In celebration of its 11th birthday, Flawless is inviting everyone to take advantage of its 1 + 1 beauty blowout this National Flawless Month. If this isn't the best time to boost or jumpstart your top to toe beauty transformation, then I don’t know what is. Go to or visit a clinic near you for more information.

Last Wednesday of December 5, I was busy cleaning my mini-office at home until I got wounded on my left leg by a jalousie window. I was shocked and worried that this not-so-ordinary scratch measures 3 inches. Huhuhu! T_T I am a person who wears short-shorts at home and especially during summer because I believe that my legs are my asset even though I am not long-legged. Hehe! :D

Dec. 5 - First day snapshot

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Dagitab Christmas Lighting and Fireworks in Naga, Cebu

City of Naga, Cebu will be celebrating its 5th year of Dagitab Festival. Since today is December 8, birthday of Mother Mary, after the procession people gathered at the dark plaza for we were waiting for the place to be surrounded with Chrismas lights.

Here is the video:

You can still see people fixing the Belen. Wow, creative! :D

Thursday, December 06, 2012

My First Ever Manila Trip

Few days before November ended, I was away from home and haven't blog so this will be my first blog post for December. Where was I? Oh well, I was in Manila, my first ever trip far, far, away from Cebu.

A friend from high school, Claire, invited me for this trip last October since she's living in Manila. So I grabbed the opportunity because travel to Manila and going to Enchanted Kingdom were on my Plans and Goals + To-Do List. Hehe!

at Trinoma

Monday, November 26, 2012

Cebu Blog Camp 3 On November 30, 2012

Hi to all fellow bloggers, newbie bloggers and non-bloggers. Cebu Blog Camp 3 will rock this Friday on November 30, 2012. ^____^

Unfortunately, this is the first time that I can't attend. T_T

To register, just click here.

Non-Bloggers are also encouraged to join if you are interested to the world of blogging.


Hey, this is for free! So if I were you, you should grab this opportunity. ^____^

Friday, November 23, 2012

Purchase at Ensogo - Cocoon Grid It Organizer

I just purchased something at Ensogo few minutes ago. I love to travel and I love to buy something that keeps my things organized. Now, I just found this Cocoon Grid It Organizer and I just fell in love with it.  I have several gadgets to bring wherever I go so this is really a perfect fit.

But I haven't got this product yet it's because I still have to pick it up when I get to Manila next week. By the way, here's the link of the deal:

Well, I just can't wait to have this. :D

How do you keep your things organized when you are traveling?

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Planning for a Personal Finance Blog

Whew! It's been a while I haven't updated my personal blog. Right now, I am with a pen and paper for my plan of having a personal finance blog. I am still brainstorming for a name. I can't think of anything yet. I was just inspired to start a new blog because I found a blog that/who is also a newbie about personal finance. In this way, I can also communicate with other famous personal finance bloggers to seek advice about finance. I am a follower of this blog, Ready To Be Rich by Fitz Villafuerte and also joined a free webinar he organized.

Woah! Just a pain the a$$ for not updating my personal blog. Well, just a busy bee for my online job. T_T

Do you have a personal finance blog so that I could follow you?

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My Birthday 2012

Last Saturday was my birthday. Oh, just guess my age. Hahaha! While I was asleep, mom was throwing balloons in my bed. How sweet! ^___^

Woah, there's my age!

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Random Blogging # 11 - Self-Proclaimed Artist

Artist in the morning, online worker at night, blogger when i have free time, traveler when i need to unwind...

Sorry for calling myself an artist. Hahahha anywday, I just sneaked out of blogging before going to bed. I am not yet done with the hand-painted t-shirts. I don't even have enough rest because I'm jugging my time between online job and hand-painted shirts. 

Again, a busy week for me especially that my special day is now fast approaching. Hahahah! Ciao for now!

Sunday, November 04, 2012

The Pink Chair Auction

Yesterday, I was at SM City Cebu and shop around something important. I was depressed and I really need a break. I thought I could watch a movie but I preferred not to. While I was at the North Wing, I was fascinated with these Pink Chairs in support for the Breast Cancer Awareness Advocacy.

So I guess the auction was already finished an hour ago.

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Undas 2012

I thought that I couldn't go to the cemetery a while ago but thankful I've got the time to visit the graves of my relatives. So mom asked me to take pictures using my phone camera. So here it is:

Grandma (up), Aunt (down)

The flowers

With my mom, aunt, sister and aunt again.

Just an Undas blog post. ^__^

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Random Blogging # 10 - Happy Halloween!

Nothing spooky tonight and it's 12:20 AM. I'm not feeling well and I am having a headache. Sorry for this boring blog post.


Need to sleep!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hand Painted T-shirts by Fotografi Rox

I have to sneak for a while to blog. Aside from having an online job, we also hand paint t-shirts by Fotografi Rox. This is sort of a part-time monkey business of mine. The pictures below were taken awhile ago and yesterday.

Adam is helping me for the silkscreen printing and I will do the rest of the painting.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Random Blogging # 9 - Busy and Worried

I am really busy right now and I just finished my online job for the week. Today should be my day-off but I never enjoyed it. It has been a busy week for me. While I was worried with my online job I still managed to attend an event last Friday. Well, before that event I also created an ID for a customer and three personalized mugs for a co-blogger. Also bought a dozen t-shirts in Colon to be hand painted and after that, went straight to SM City Cebu for Max's Restaurant. Of course, I had fun during the event and received gift checks. ^__^ sneak peek below!

at Max's Restaurant

Monday, October 15, 2012

Adam Levine on American Horror Story

I am really vocal how much I really like Adam Levine of Maroon 5. Oh yes, I have a crush on him. Just so you know, I am not really a fan of horror stories or movies and I wasn't even aware with the show American Horror Story. 

I just got an update from Maroon 5 fan page on Facebook that Adam Levine will be seen on the first 5 minutes of the trailer. Well, I was really excited and see how he acts. Oh gosh! He is really damn hot and sexy! 

Oh well, I told Adam about this (okay, I'm pertaining to my boyfriend now). He told me that he had seen the first season of American Horror Story because he had the dvd but I don't know if he still has it. He searched it on Youtube and even showed it to me what the first season was all about. 

In all fairness, AHS has the best cinematography. I am really keen to watch the episodes only for Adam Levine. LOL but of course, I won't watch it alone. I should have Adam by my side (either the boyfriend or the singer, both would be the best). Hahaha! Oh yes, how I wish!

So are you a fan of American Horror Story? And oh, what do you think about the video?

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Sneak Peek - Last Night at Classic Cuisine (C2 Restaurant)

Just an update for this personal blog of mine, last night I went to the city with Adam for the event covered at Classic Cuisine. I will post an article of this at and at my food blog Feeling Food Blogger. Here are some of the pics I took with my point-and-shoot camera and soon will post this at Fotografi Rox for my so-called photography blog. Whew I have lots of writing assignments but I am still busy with my online job. I just don't want to miss posting updates on my personal blog. :D

Oh yeah, Food Porn session last night! :)

Friday, October 05, 2012

Random Blogging # 8 - Not Feeling Well!

I'm not sick, I have a runny nose but my nose is not running. My internet really sucks and my online work is really affected right now. I've been online for more than 12 hours already hoping that I could finish my full-time job for 8 hours. It is really a waste of time. Technically, my working time for today becomes 5 hours and 15 minutes. Waaah! It's really unfair but I have no choice. I can't count those times which I was waiting for my internet to come back.

I need to take a rest and will go back to work tomorrow. I'll just leave you an image of an orange gumamela. ^___^ Happy Weekend!

Monday, October 01, 2012

Random Blogging # 7 - Hi October!

Wow! Hi October! I just want to greet October another optimistic month because September was also good to me. Yeah, I enjoyed my 3-day vacation last week. Here's what happened.

September 27, 2012

Mom's Birthday
It was mom's birthday so we just had a birthday celebration for her. I bought a cute from Suisse Cottage and mom loved it.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Random Blogging # 6 - My 3-Day Vacation

Oh yes! Tomorrow will be the start of my 3-day vacation. No, I'm not going anywhere. I'll just stay at home because it's mom's birthday tomorrow and boyfriend's on the next-next day so it will be on the 27th and 29th.

As always, I am so busy with my job. Anyway, my client told me to enjoy my break because there are lots of things for him to catch up for the to-do list on Monday. So glad, I just finished the task a while ago and there's nothing to do for tomorrow. Isn't it a perfect timing?

Oh, I'll just leave you an image here. I am sort of a wanna-be photographer. Hehehe! You can check out the pictures I took at :D

What are the things you want to do at home when you're on 3-Day Vacation?

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Successful Social Good Summit Cebu 2012

I believe this is the first Social Good Summit ever held in Cebu and indeed a successful one. This was organized by Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. and it was held at Marcelo Fernan Cebu Press Center.

Held at the heart of UN week, the Social Good Summit is where big ideas meet new media to create innovative solutions. The Summit unites a dynamic community of global leaders to discuss a big idea: the power of innovative thinking and technology to solve our greatest challenges. It ignites conversations between a live audience in New York City and thousands around the world participating via Livestream. The most innovative technologists, influential minds and passionate activists will come together this September with one shared goal: to unlock the potential of new media and technology to make the world a better place.

The international event aims to gather leaders, thinkers and influencers to answer the challenge, “How can new technology and new media create solutions for the biggest problems facing my community?”
Source: Daily News

Before the event started, let's have our photo session. :D

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Random Blogging # 5 - What's Inside This Big Plastic Bag?

Before I'll proceed to my work, I'll blog a bit. This is my new toy. Hehehe! Well, I have a very long story before it landed on my hands. Wanna know what's inside the big plastic bag? Hehe! I am really excited to play this one.

A clue, a clue! Check out my previous post here. Well, I need to leave you here and get ready my a$$ for work. ^___^

Friday, September 14, 2012

Xbox 360 Kinect for Real?

Xbox 360 Kinect is one of my wish lists to have. I have played and danced with Dance Central 2 many times for free. Indeed it is a fun way to make you sweat.

Few days ago, Adam and I went to SM City Cebu and we were so fond watching people at Quantum Arcade who danced with the Xbox 360 Kinect. Adam got an idea to look for a video on YouTube. Fortunately, there are lots of Dance Central 2 videos uploaded by Xbox 360 Kinect owners. So he downloaded a few videos, saved it on my computer and transferred it to my USB.

Dance Central 2

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Xzootic Animal Park in Agape, Loay, Bohol

LOL, so I'm not yet done with my Bohol blog posts. From Baclayon Church, we went to Xzootic Animal Park found those exotic animals I rarely see in person.

If you could notice the pictures below, I am the only present because my cousins and sister were also busy taking their own snapshots because we have our own cameras (digicam/smartphones). lulz

with the tarsier

Friday, September 07, 2012

Our Nice Stay at Santiago Bay Garden and Resort

We had a nice stay at Santiago Bay Garden and Resort in Camotes Island, Cebu. The resort has an area of 2.5 hectares. Indeed the place is very relaxing and wonderful. For me, an overnight stay is not enough. They also have great food on their menu. You won't regret with the overlooking view of the Santiago White Sand Beach.

In getting a room, you need to book early and pay the reservation fee half of the room rate. We chose the non-aircon room with a rate of P1,000. I will post the room rates further on this blog post.

Anyway, here are some of the pictures I took around.  Actually, there were still other parts of the resort that I had no chance of taking some snapshots because we were out of time.

Early morning at the restaurant

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Virginity Soap - Is This For Real?

Photo caption: My sis found this #virginitySoap #virginity #soap in our toilet room. Mom, I and sis have no idea who brought this. Lulz
Source: Instagram

My sister found out this soap this morning and she accidentally washed it on her face.  When she looked at the box, she was shocked to see the word "virginity." She read the back of the box and indeed it is for feminine hygiene. We just laughed about it and I joked to my sis and looked at her face, "Indeed, you have a virgin face already!"

So my brother arrived a while ago and my sister asked him about the soap.  He said that it is safe on the face, not just for the female parts only. Of course, the three of us (mom, I and sis) never dared to use the soap on the area. But well, this soap is really intended for that part.

Oh well, it is the product he is selling right now. I don't know the price yet because I haven't asked yet. But if you're interested, just contact me.

Monday, September 03, 2012

Random Blogging #4 - Busy September

Oh yes! I'll start my September a very busy me. I just realized that I have lots of things to do starting today. Lulz I haven't started anything yet at 4:32PM.

Anyway, I had a great day with myself yesterday. I went to SM City Cebu and roam around. I ate at Krispy Kreme and sippin' some Fruita shake. I also went to the Cyberzone and looked for a tablet. Actually, a cheap one for e-book purposes and some browsing, well, just a plan. I also went to National Bookstore and bought another book to read. I will take a picture soon and post it here.

Oh, I almost forgot that this month will be the third year anniversary of Simple Yet Rock and me being a freelancer. ^__^ I don't know if I could do another blogging contest because I am busy. :D

Well, I might leave you with this picture. I'm hungry! :D

Fruit Salad! Nom XD
And another blog posts to read:

Camotes Island Experience
Bohol Trip


Friday, August 31, 2012

Earthquake in Cebu at 8:50PM

Woah! The earthquake I felt earlier was strong. Of course, I am facing in front of the computer working on my online job. I didn't count how many seconds but it was long. The earthquake earlier was stronger and longer than the first time I felt it last February. Goodness I am so worried right now with the shaking of the earth's crust.


It has the intensity of 7.9 magnitude.

Epicenter: East of Sulangan, Easter Samar

Woah scary!

You can get the updates here.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

First Camotes Island Experience

Few days ago, I posted Where Was I Last Weekend? So here is a detailed post about the overnight stay. ^___^

I left Naga beyond 7AM and met Adam at Bulacao then we rode a bus and dropped in Cebu South Bus Terminal, walked a bit to E-Mall and looked for the 01K route going to the North Bus Terminal.  We arrived few minutes before 9AM.

We took the Ceres Bus going to Danao City and left the terminal few minutes after 9AM. We arrived in Danao City at before 10:30AM. Tsk, I had a miscalculation of the time because the ferry boat for 10:00AM already left. Well, I thought there was never a 10-AM schedule. I tried to call Jomalia shipping few days before the trip but no one answered. Though 12 NN was our target in the first place but earlier would be much better. Anyway, here is the schedule of Jomalia Shipping:

Danao to Consuelo Port
5:30 AM
8:30 AM
10:00 AM
12 NN
5:30 PM
9:30 PM
Consuelo to Danao
4 AM
5:30 AM
9 AM
12 NN
2 PM
4 PM 
Jomalia Shipping
Our tickets
Well, we had our chance to eat our packed lunch.  I brought a plastic ware full of rice with liempo. Bringing your own food and water on a trip is really a great saving. Then the ferry boat arrived and we found our seat.

OMG! It's Bb Gandanghari
Our packed lunch was too much for us so we also ate it during snack time. I wasn't able to take pictures of the food because we were so hungry.  Buying food inside the ferry is expensive.

Killing the boredom
Few minutes after 2PM, we arrived at the port of Consuelo.
Welcome to Consuelo!

There were lots of Habal-habal drivers waiting for tourists to bring you to your destination or place to stay. We paid P50 per head going to Santiago Bay Garden and Resorts.

The rooms of Santiago Bay Garden and Resort
I went to the reception area and paid our balance for the reservation of our room. We just left our things in our room, fixed ourselves and went back to the Habal-habal driver for the tour. Yeah, no rest for few minutes. Tsk!

We paid P120 for the two liters of gasoline for the motorcycle plus P500 for the tour. Take note: on your trip, try to negotiate clearly with the driver and may be you can pay lesser than what we paid for. Because during my research, P120 for the two liters of gasoline was never mentioned. Well, my bad! Lesson learned! 

Lake Danao Park
We went to Lake Danao Park with an entrance fee of  P15.00. I will blog about this separately.

Timubo Cave
Next was Timubo Cave with an entrance fee of P15.00, also to blog this separately.

At the end of the day, we went to Baywalk for our dinner and we only spent P87.00 for the both of us. we just bought pork barbecue which is worth P5.00 per stick, hanging rice and softdrink. Hey, the pork barbecue is very delicious. Haven't took a pic because we were hungry then. We also bought a box of pizza for midnight snack, in case I was hungry worth P109.

After dinner, we went back to the place we stayed then the rain poured down and we were all wet. When we arrived at Santiago Bay Garden and Resort, we went straight to our room. Hmm, there was no night swimming happened that night. Tsk. We took a bath and after that we decided to sleep early for tomorrow and to had enough rest. Unfortunately, I could not sleep. I was so envious with Adam because he was snoring already while I had trouble sleeping. T_T

We woke up the next morning before 6AM. While Adam was kicking and alive because he had enough sleep, I was like going back to the bed to get back my sleep. But I had no choice so I never had enough sleep then my senses were active again. My eyes were tired but my mind was active.

drinking coffee

Eating my breakfast but he ate the eggs because I'm allergic to it.

took a swim to their infinity pool, at the back it was high tide
At 9:30AM, we prepared ourselves for Mangodlong Rock Resort. The entrance is free since we stayed at their sister hotel resort, Santiago Bay Garden. I will blog about this separately. We paid P140 from Santiago Bay to Mangodlong and vice versa since it has a different rate.

Mangodlong Rock Resort
at 11AM, it's low tide at Santiago Bay
We went back to the resort at 11AM and took our lunch at the restaurant of Santiago Bay and Garden resort.

Lunch worth P500 all in all.
12 NN was our check out time but we checked out at 12:30PM because we packed our things.  Good thing, there we no guests arrived so we had 30 minutes to pack our things. At 12:30 PM, we left the resort and proceeded to the port for the 2 PM ferry boat schedule going back to Danao. Remember the P500 tour? We asked him to make it P400 and let the P100 be our fare to the port from the resort.

So here's the breakdown of our expenses, combination of two people.

P100 --  viand for lunch (liempo)
P30 -- fare from Bulacao to SBT
P20 -- fare from E-Mall to NBT
P15 --  bottled water
P30 -- Nova chips
P80 -- bus to Danao
P30 -- Fish tinola for lunch
P1 -- piso mineral water
P360 -- ticket
P10 -- port fee
P100 -- Habal-habal ride from Consuelo to Santiago Bay
P20 -- bottled water
P30 -- Lake Danao entrance fee
P30 -- Timubo Cave entrance fee
P120 -- 2 liters of gasoline for motorbike
P500 -- for the reservation fee
P500 -- balance for the reservation fee of the room
P87 -- dinner at Baywalk
P109 -- pizza
P400 -- for the tour
P100 -- Habal-habal ride from Santiago Bay to Consuelo Port
P35 -- bottled water
P100 -- breakfast
P35 -- bottled water
P30 -- C2 drink
P30 -- bottled water
P500 -- lunch at Santiago Bay Garden and Resort
P140 -- Habal-habal ride from Santiago Bay to Mangodlong and V.V
P360 -- ticket back to Danao (we did not had the chance to pay for the port worth P10 or P5 each)
P70 -- fare from Danao to SM
P45 -- rice and drinks at SM
P28 -- SM to Bulacao
P26 -- Bulacao to Naga

A total of P4071.00 for two persons.

Actually, you can bring P2,000 as a budget per person especially when you are just living near Cebu City. I already expected that it will exceed more than P2K because I live in Naga. Also, bringing your own food will cost you less. The breakdown expenses above is just a guide but you can omit some unnecessary expenses. Also, if you have your own vehicle for traveling like a car or motorbike, then you have no problem paying for the fare.

Definitely I will go back to Camotes Island. How about you?


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