Friday, September 14, 2012

Xbox 360 Kinect for Real?

Xbox 360 Kinect is one of my wish lists to have. I have played and danced with Dance Central 2 many times for free. Indeed it is a fun way to make you sweat.

Few days ago, Adam and I went to SM City Cebu and we were so fond watching people at Quantum Arcade who danced with the Xbox 360 Kinect. Adam got an idea to look for a video on YouTube. Fortunately, there are lots of Dance Central 2 videos uploaded by Xbox 360 Kinect owners. So he downloaded a few videos, saved it on my computer and transferred it to my USB.

Dance Central 2
Since we have a 32-inch LCD TV, we decided to give it a try if it is as the same as with the Xbox Kinect. Most of the videos Adam downloaded were all high quality so I have fun dancing in front of the TV as if I am really playing with the Xbox Kinect. Indeed a good exercise.

Well yeah, I uploaded the picture above on Facebook with the caption, "Rason sa akong pasingot sa tungang gabie. Mwuahahaha!" 

In English, please pardon me with my translation LOL, "The reason of my sweat-ness in the middle of the night. Mwuahahahaha!"

You can see some comments I've got for the picture above, click here.

I was having a good laugh this morning. No, I was not trying to fool anyone but the picture was really effective that it was mistaken like I was playing with the original Xbox 360 Kinect.

Don't worry! I still have plan to buy an Xbox 360 Kinect but I am still saving. I don't know when would be the exact time to buy this but it really depends.

So, as of now I will use the videos downloaded by Adam as my exercise. Ahahahaa!

Also, I've tried playing the Nintendo Wii before.

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