Saturday, September 22, 2012

Successful Social Good Summit Cebu 2012

I believe this is the first Social Good Summit ever held in Cebu and indeed a successful one. This was organized by Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. and it was held at Marcelo Fernan Cebu Press Center.

Held at the heart of UN week, the Social Good Summit is where big ideas meet new media to create innovative solutions. The Summit unites a dynamic community of global leaders to discuss a big idea: the power of innovative thinking and technology to solve our greatest challenges. It ignites conversations between a live audience in New York City and thousands around the world participating via Livestream. The most innovative technologists, influential minds and passionate activists will come together this September with one shared goal: to unlock the potential of new media and technology to make the world a better place.

The international event aims to gather leaders, thinkers and influencers to answer the challenge, “How can new technology and new media create solutions for the biggest problems facing my community?”
Source: Daily News

Before the event started, let's have our photo session. :D

Thanks to SmartBro for the fast Wi-Fi during the event that let us having live tweets with the hash tags #sgscebu # #sgsglobal #actnow

Mr. Red Yumang, the Chairman - Corporate Affairs Committee, acknowledged the participants.

Jane (but I call her Jacqui) during the break, my friend since college.

We got this freebie t-shirt from Smart.

Here was the flow of the program, click here. The speakers are really great and deserves a round of applause.

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