Monday, September 03, 2012

Random Blogging #4 - Busy September

Oh yes! I'll start my September a very busy me. I just realized that I have lots of things to do starting today. Lulz I haven't started anything yet at 4:32PM.

Anyway, I had a great day with myself yesterday. I went to SM City Cebu and roam around. I ate at Krispy Kreme and sippin' some Fruita shake. I also went to the Cyberzone and looked for a tablet. Actually, a cheap one for e-book purposes and some browsing, well, just a plan. I also went to National Bookstore and bought another book to read. I will take a picture soon and post it here.

Oh, I almost forgot that this month will be the third year anniversary of Simple Yet Rock and me being a freelancer. ^__^ I don't know if I could do another blogging contest because I am busy. :D

Well, I might leave you with this picture. I'm hungry! :D

Fruit Salad! Nom XD
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