Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Virginity Soap - Is This For Real?

Photo caption: My sis found this #virginitySoap #virginity #soap in our toilet room. Mom, I and sis have no idea who brought this. Lulz
Source: Instagram

My sister found out this soap this morning and she accidentally washed it on her face.  When she looked at the box, she was shocked to see the word "virginity." She read the back of the box and indeed it is for feminine hygiene. We just laughed about it and I joked to my sis and looked at her face, "Indeed, you have a virgin face already!"

So my brother arrived a while ago and my sister asked him about the soap.  He said that it is safe on the face, not just for the female parts only. Of course, the three of us (mom, I and sis) never dared to use the soap on the area. But well, this soap is really intended for that part.

Oh well, it is the product he is selling right now. I don't know the price yet because I haven't asked yet. But if you're interested, just contact me.


  1. how much..?? can i buy 1..?

  2. this is my contact no.09169792664...i like that soap..please pm me..thanks



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