Friday, December 31, 2010

My Fruits of Labor 2010

Before the year 2010 ends, this is the summary of my fruits of labor through my online job.  Hehehe!

 I am thankful that I receive these blessings unexpectedly or should I say the hard work? I also thanked the employers that I have who are giving me more bonuses every time I do a great job.

Have A Nice New Year for 2011!!! ^_______^ Cheers!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

What is the most significant bloggable event that happened to you in 2010?

The year 2010 has been good to me. Actually I didn’t expect those blessings. It all started when I resigned from my previous job somewhere in IT Park and focused on my online job in Odesk. For me, this is the most significant event that happened to me in 2010 which is worth bloggable because I am earning more than working in a company (with a minimum wage salary).

I gave up my studies in Information Technology (I was already on my 3rd year sometime in 2008) because of financial problem. For how many months I was looking for an online job with the use of the internet but unfortunately I had not found it yet. Still I seek for an alternative job with some of these qualifications of at least second year college level and computer literate. I was hired as a cashier of a certain sport shop in SM City Cebu for three months (from November ‘08 to February ‘09). Thanks to my first working experience as a service crew in a certain fast food chain (studying while working).

By the end of February, I mourned because my grandmother, who had the same birth date as mine, died. After two to three weeks, I applied for a job in IT Park on May ’09 as data entry operator. After six months probation, I became a regular employee but I only lasted four months because I vomited during the unexpected last day of work on March ‘10. I went to the doctor for a check-up and she found out it was hyperacidity (which I have history). I need to resign to regain my health and weight.

I’ve been a member in Odesk since September ‘09 and it serves as a part-time job while working in IT Park. It was referred by a friend of mine who stayed in Manila for a while. When I decided to leave my job I realized I have to focus on my online job and tried my luck. I already have my part time jobs but still I looked for full time jobs to apply. I made sure that my profile or resume is impressive enough by prospective employers. I was thankful that I gained skills (from friends) and good feedback (from previous employers) until there was another employer who hired me which I didn’t apply for a job. He was impressed with my so-called “skills” and asked me join his team with good pay.

It was in June ’10 that I received my first payment from Odesk. I established saving my earnings and put it in the bank. Then I started buying things like my bike, my MSI netbook, my Samsung LCD TV, my Samsung DVD Home Cinema System, and my electric fan. I even put my other moneys on a time deposit account. Before I forget, I already settled for being an Associate Graduate in Information Technology last October ’10.

I don’t know if my entry sounds kick-ass to you but I think this could be an inspiration for some who loves to earn online either part time or full time. I am just a 22-year old lady who is learning from other people especially from bloggers (online/offline).

Thanks to Jehzeel Laurente for sponsoring the Christmas giveaway of Batang Yagit. ^__________^

I also thanked God for the blessings I received this year.  I am also praying for more blessings to come on year 2011. :D

Friday, December 24, 2010

Nintendo Wii Session With Friends

This is a very late post but I would like to share this to you.  It already happened during the birthday of our godson Tom.  Well, Tom was already sleeping while we were playing the gaming console.  That was the first time Glaiza and I played the Wii.  Walay Wii sa among bukid intawn (There's no Wii in our mountain so I was so ignorant how to play this).

Trying the Nintendo Wii

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Belen Presentations in Naga, Cebu

These are some of the Belen presentations in Naga, Cebu using my Olympus fe-26 camera.  I took more than one shot because we can see the beauty of the Belen in flash or with no flash.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Party Picnic

Last Sunday, December 19, 2010, my friends and I decided for a picnic of course, started by yours truly.  These are my friends from high school in Minglanilla National Science High School and college in Cebu Institute of Technology - University.  Actually, they are all engineers except me (just an associate graduate of Information Technology).  These girls are all so busy with their careers.  Since it is Christmas, this is the best time for us to reunite for a simple get-together.

We had our picnic in front of Naga City Hall

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

MaanRudyard Nuptials

I am so happy for my friend, Maria Ana who is now happily married to Rudyard.  Best Wishes to both of you from Simple Yet Rock. ^________________^

Chemz hosted the wedding during the reception.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Asahi Electric Fan

In just same year, I have purchased an electric fan worth almost Php700.  I thought that was way cheap but I was wrong.  It even had six months warranty but after six months, my electric fan broke down.  My room is so hot without electric fan.  Same day with the Samsung Home Theater, I also bought an electric fan worth Php819.75 from Asahi.  It is the best deal ever because it has a service warranty of the motor for 5 years.  I admit I got penniless with the first electric fan I had.

Friday, December 17, 2010

My Samsung DVD Home Cinema System

I am so happy that I have bought the DVD Home Cinema System on December 14, 2010 for my Samsung LCD TV which I also bought last October.  The home theater is worth Php4,989.  SM Home Appliance is on sale until January 2011.

Closer look

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Left Hand Injury

I got this unexpected accident last Sunday on December 12, 2010. How did this happened? I was going to reach the door knob to pull it when suddenly my brother opened the door harshly.  I was really hurt and I thought I could stand the pain but I was wrong.  I was going to type on my keyboard to continue my article writing but the pain got worse and I started to cry aloud.

Saturday, December 11, 2010


A mail popped up to my inbox and it was from Nuffnang.  I hurriedly read it for I am excited for a new blogging contest.  Yes, I was right.  There is another blogging contest in town and they've been asking me what my Christmas wish is this year.  The prize will be a Nokia C7. Wow!

You're asking me if I want a Nokia C7 for Christmas. Yes, I want it.  No, it's just not a want but definitely a NEED.  I WANT a Nokia C7 because I really NEED it. Here are some of the reasons why I need it for Christmas and also for the coming years.

image from

Thursday, December 09, 2010

From Family Computer To PlayStation 2

During my childhood years, I remember I have played Mario Brothers on a family computer from Nintendo.  I used to play this at my cousins' because they have this.  After many years, I never have the chance to play it again.

Monday, December 06, 2010

The New Look Of Facebook Profile

upgraded Facebook profile

Just this afternoon, I found out some friends on Facebook that they have new profile.  I clicked it and got curious.  It's easy, just follow the steps and in seconds, you've got the new profile already.  Well, I just have to observe and how to use new stuffs. :) 

What do you think about the new look? Share your comments about it.

My Facebook Status

THANKS to all my HATERS, I'm having MORE BLESSINGS. ^_^ Thank you Lord ha? pan de sal lang naman ang hiningi ko sa iyo; hamburger binigay n'yo, may fries pa. :D
I posted this Facebook status for I am so grateful what is happening to me.  I am contented for what I am doing right now.  We can't deny that there are some people are really jealous about you or me.  Yes, I am always experiencing this.  As they say, jealousy is really hard to deal with.

Actually, I really cry when someone's going to pull me down but after that, I try to rise and say, "no one can beat me."  My self-confidence and guts are just really strong.  I am a person who tells someone direct to the point and some may even find it really annoying

All I know is I never hurt or stepped anyone. Who am I anyway? I am just a nobody.  I just want to be fair and balance and most of all, I am not hypocrite.  You may find me liberating sometimes and it's nice to be like one.

Haters are really part of our lives and no one can change it.  Even though I am not that religious and I seldom go to church, I always ask God for guidance on everything I do.  My haters are my obstacles in life but in the end blessings are keep on showering me.  It's a challenge and all I have to do is to accept and face it.  Thanks God!

Thanks to My Amnesia Girl, I am using one of your lines. ;)

P.S. I am sleepy and dizzy zzzzzzzzzz...

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Change Your Profile Picture To A Cartoon On Facebook

Starting today, I am Sailormoon

Repost from Facebook friends:

Change your facebook profile picture to a cartoon from your childhood and invite your friends to do the same. Until Monday (6 December 2010), there should be no human faces on facebook, but a stash of unexpurgated childhood memories. This is for eliminating violence against children. Let's promote Republic Act 7610 otherwise known as the Law Against Child Abuse.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

My Attempt On Wearing Eye Mascara

It's December 1 and this is my first post for the month.  I just want to apologize again for not updating my blog for November because I am so busy with my job.  I just have the opportunity to wake up early today at four in the morning so here I am now, blogging.   I can already feel Christmas but still decorations in our house are not yet up.

Ok, I just want to share my make-up progression.  Last November, I forgot what date, I purchased a water-resistant eye mascara for myself from Avon and it's worth PhP179.00.  The color is brown.

Avon eye mascara


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