Wednesday, November 03, 2010

My Samsung LCD TV

Before meeting my friends during the Cabalen food trip last October 30, 2010, I hurriedly went to SM Home Appliance Northwing to check out the LCD tv.  That was the time I asked for the prices for the brands of Sony, Samsung, and LG.

The box

Few weeks ago, I and my mom passed the home appliance and we found out that the LCD tv's were on sale for at least Php20,000.  I was excited to tell mom about it and I was really determined to buy for a new television.  Two weeks I should have the money from my online job.  We never got the chance to ask because we were in a hurry going home.

By the time I asked when was the sale would last, the attendant told me it would be on November 1 or 2.  I hurriedly asked mom and she asked me if I was really determined to buy the lcd.  I told her with no doubt that we should go back here in SM the next day.

The next day is October 31.  After lunch, I and mom went to the downtown area first to check if they were selling lcd on a cheaper price.  But I was dismayed and I told her that going and buying to SM was the best place.

We went first to SM Home Appliance Northwing, there we saw the 22" Sony Bravia worth Php16,000 and the 32" was worth Php25,000.  The 32" of LG was worth Php 19,990, good enough for my Php20,000 budget.  We transferred to the main home appliance of SM and there we found a Samsung Series 4 worth Php23,319.  As what I've read on reviews and heard from other people's opinions they prefer Sony or Samsung.  Since my aunt has a Samsung Series 4 which was expensive by the time they bought it, I decided to buy it with no hesitations.  We also bought a Baron Antenna for Php600. All in all, I spent almost Php25,000 including the taxi fare.  Actually we had a problem on where to put in our little home.

Installing the tv

Ready to watch

the Baron Antenna

Watching Charlie's Angel with the old tv behind
You can check other Samsung TV here.


  1. ahak suya kooo!!! 22 incher ra ako monitor hehehe...

  2. aheeheee char nanayming ra jud kog sale doh... maayo ra sad nga nakatigom nako daan.



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