Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hey, hey, hey! Heypi Birthday!

I am celebrating my birthday today with my family and boyfriend.  I am not telling you about my age :) just guess it hehehe! I am just thankful to God above that I've been receiving blessings from him.  I've got a good pay job through online and this is where I got my fundings on buying my city bikeMSI netbook during my boyfriend's birthday, Samsung lcd tv, and many more.  My birthday celebration is just so simple.  By the way, it is also my grandmother's birthday named Lola Enciang who is now in heaven already.  Happy Birthday Lola!

My boyfriend's gift for me is a Mango Nestle Ice Cream which is my favorite flavor of all ice cream because my ripe mango is my favorite fruit.  Actually my boyfriend is my only visitor! Hahaha! I've apologized to my employers for not being online for two days because I've been busy preparing for my birthday and thankful that they understood.

My boyfriend is Facebooking a beautiful girl! Hahaha!

My simple birthday preparation
Don't forget about Goldilocks!

Healthy tinapay, Polvoron and my Birthday cake

Here goes mom's spaghetti ^_^

My birthday cake!

I requested for a heart from the service crew to be put anywhere on my cake and he gave me three little candles. ^_^

Posing with my cake ^_^
Blowing my cake ;)
To all my friends thanks for the GREETINGS AND FLOODING MY WALL on Facebook.  I am very happy to read your greetings. :)

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