Monday, June 14, 2010

My City Bike

This is my bike I bought in SM City Cebu for Php3,950 on June 8, 2010 at Reliance. Two days before I bought it, my partner and I were at the mall for a window shopping. I just told mom about the bike I saw and I really loved it. I told her that I would buy it if my money would arrive on my bank from my online job. The bike was the one and only displayed on the store so my mom told me that she would let me borrow her money as long as I would pay it. She was afraid that someone would buy it. That was it, we went to SM City Cebu and went directly to the store. We are really hungry so we paid it first and went to Greenwich for a snack.

After we were so full with our pasta and pizza, we went back to the store and showed them the receipt so that I could get my bike. It was funny that I was biking inside SM for five minutes, I guess then we looked for an exit for the bike and for a taxi in order for us to go home.

Upon arriving at home, I tested for road drive around Naga and the plaza. I think my bike is very attractive and noticeable because when I drove it around the neighborhood, people really turned around on my bike and I heard them saying, "ka cute sa iyang bike". Maybe because the color is pink and it is so girly. What can you say on my bike? Hehehe!


  1. is there another one? i like the color. lol

  2. hahaha! yeah i like the color, too coz it's pink. hmmm there is a next size for this one for the same prize, colors are gray and pink. when i bought the bike, this is the only one displayed at the store. the size of this is like a mountain bike. ^_^

  3. cuty ra ang pink.nag inigat si Marimar...hehehehehe.sige pangita ni Serg....wahahaha.

  4. haha lol wa pa moabot si Sergio ana nga time hahaha



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