Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Pizza Party - A Simple Get Together With Friends

There, I got the pictures already. I was so worried that I cannot post it here. I organized this pizza party through Facebook events. I created, announced and invited my batch mates in high school. I can't please everyone because some are very busy with their work. Even though it was just the ten of us, we never regretted the fun. Of course, the pizza party was held in Alberto's Pizza - Naga branch.


Beef and Mushroom

All Pepperoni

The ten of us from left clockwise: (HR) Claire, (Freelancer) Me, Engr. Rachellyn, Engr. Cheryll, Engr. Karen, Engr. Marbelyn, CPA Elsa, nurse Elaine, (Freelancer) Dandel Jane and (HR) Ma. Ana.

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