Saturday, June 12, 2010

Today is 112th Independence Day

How is celebration? Me, I am just spending my time here inside the house. I am having a terrible internet right now and I cannot do my job. I am just watching the movie, The Notebook. I just cried here in front of my computer. What a lovely story they have.

I am truly busy with my job, as always. Also with the new blog I just built, My Digital Scrapblog. I am using Wordpress with this blog. I am trying to be techy and I want to learn Wordpress. I did some customization with the header and the side bar. I just can't fully finish it at this time because of terrible internet.

Last Tuesday, my mom and I went to SM City Cebu and I purchased a bicycle. I was going to blog it that day but I was so busy and never had the time to take a snapshot of it. Would you believe that I was riding a bike inside SM City Cebu? Hahaha! It was really fun for just five minutes, I guess. Don't worry I am going to post my bike. It is really cute. Biking is my favorite activity.

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