Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Sceneries In Sta. Fe, Cebu

I am scrutinizing my drive D with pictures on it. While looking at the album Bantayan Island, I just missed summer days. Yesterday was the last season of summer. Today is June, it's school time but no, I am not studying. I am just going to stay at home doing my online job. I will give you a tour with my snapshots.

This is Sta. Fe Beach Club. You can see this when you are already near the port. With this clear water, it makes me jump off the ferry.

This is me while taking a pose upon arrival.

The trees inlined when you enter Sugar Beach Resort. Just be warned about the falling coconut.

This is the wide sand with coconut trees and palm trees of the resort.

You can set up your tent here.

The floating restaurant owned by a Swiss national.

The two images - Virgin Island.

This is from Budyong Beach Resort and its sand bars.

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