Tuesday, April 13, 2010

College Reunion in Sugar Beach Resort

My classmates or schoolmates in college planned for a reunion. They are all graduates except me but we belong to the same batch during the first year. Well, you already knew the reason why I stopped if you have read some of my posts in the past.

I have relatives in Sta. Fe at Bantayan Island so I was interested to join the reunion because I never had the time to come back since my family has no budget to bring all of us for the Holy Week. I asked for my father if his older brother, who is my uncle, knew someone in Sugar Beach Resort so that we could have a discount. My uncle once lived at the back of the resort so I sent him an sms and asked him and the discount was granted.

We were consists of 16 people and we rented the duplex room worth Php1,800.00 good for 10 person (Php2,000 during peak season) and Php40.00 for additional person.

If you have your own tents, it is Php100.00 per day. By the way, the entrance fee is Php35.00.

I was here before in the resort together with my family and relatives. I just love the beach here because the sand is so wide and you will also going to love it. If you are planning to come here with your friends for an overnight, the budget would be Php1,500.00. The said amount is totally safe. From North Bus Terminal which is Php50.00 and the ferry is Php140.00, a total of Php 380.00 for back and forth.


  1. day tagai ko instruction how to get here. Ganahan ko mag visit this place

  2. Hi sir! I made a blog post in going to Bantayan Island.



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